Haul!! Nail Polish, Books, Bath and Body Works and MORE!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you a few of the items that I’ve picked up recently. I haven’t posted a Haul video in such a long time, so this was long over due. I hope y’all enjoy!

Products mentioned in the video
– Delirium Trilogy
– “Lone Wolf” by Jodi Picoult
– cotton balls and cotton pads
– bath and body works antibacterial soaps in wildberry dahlia, wild honeysuckle and fresh picked pears
– bath and body works shower gel in fresh picked pears
– elf lashes
– origins perfect world antioxidant white tea moisturizer
– nail tek formula 2
– china glaze “celtic sun”
– china glaze “i’m with the lifeguard”
– butter london hardware top coat
– butter london “bit faker”

6 thoughts on “Haul!! Nail Polish, Books, Bath and Body Works and MORE!

  1. Hola! It’s Shek1029 from YouTube. You asked me which polishes I bought and there are so many that I would have had to leave about 3 comments to name them all so I figured I would do it here. Here is my extremely long and ridiculous list of polishes I bought in June:

    Zoya’s Tinsley, Hazel, Nyx, Godiva, Bobbi, Amy
    China Glaze’s Toe-tally Textured, Bump & Grind, Winter Holly and Water Your Waiting For
    Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in Perfect Pear-ing and Kiwi Bikini
    Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Royal Icing and Red Velvet (I HATE these formulas but love the way they look on the nails)
    Sephora By OPI’s 212-Sephora and Spark-Tacular! Top Coat
    Julep’s Chelsea, Hilary, Parker and Nina
    Sinful Colors’ Daddy’s Girl, Endless Blue and another one that has been lost in my nail polish jungle but is a really deep muted blue
    Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength in Private I
    Bondi’s Horny Mistress (2nd best name after OPi’s PG), Fuschia-istic, and Central Park Blossom

    On top of all that, my Mom sent me 3 OPI’s: Magazine Cover Mouse, Russian Navy, Jade is the New Black and Zoya’s Stevie. I also have 3 of the polishes from A-England’s new collection coming to me. OH and I got my Julep and Square Hue sub boxes so that is 5 more. Yeah…..I have a problem. I did purchase a lot of them on sale or as part of a promotion or discount so it’s not as much money as it seems, but suffice it to say, I am on a no buy this month 🙂

    • oh wow you did good girl! that sucks that the sugar coat nail polishes have an awful formula! i passed on those because i’m not a fan of the textured polishes that don’t have a glittery look to them. oh well, how do you like bondi nail polishes? i’ve never tried them before

      • I wore “Horny Mistress” (hahaha) and it was a great formula. Maybe it’s because I have been dealing with annoying formulas as of late, but it applied really easily and beautifully. It also lasted a few days before chipping which is highly unusual for me. I really liked the color too. It’s just a red so I didn’t think it would be anything special, but it actually was really pretty and different from the other reds I have. I didn’t like the brush though. It’s very small and somewhat thin. I think it is the smallest nail polish brush that I have come across. I really like the company and the polishes are 5-free I believe so I will definitely be purchasing more (like I need more polish). Their fall collection should be coming out soon and are supposed to have shimmers and metallic so that is something to look forward to.

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