China Glaze “Turned Up Turquoise”

IMG_7100Happy Tuesday everyone! Sorry that I’ve been a tad bit absent for the last few days.  Me and my boyfriend are apartment hunting right now and I can’t even tell you how stressful its been.   While I absolutely love my boyfriend and plan on having a (hopefully long) future with him, we cannot agree on where to live!  In his eyes, the cheaper the better.  In mine, I’m willing to spend an extra $25 a month on some creature comforts.

I had every intention on blogging Sunday and Monday but at the last minute a few apartments called us back to view them.  Needless to say, both of those were a big fat no! Now back to the drawing board.  And today I have for you another bright, fun summer color!

IMG_7102China Glaze “Turned Up Turquoise” is an almost neon turquoise creme with a very slight silver shimmer.  The shimmer is so slight that its almost non-existent unless you look really close.  And since my little hand held camera can’t handle any sort of neon polish, there was no hope at trying to capture it!

IMG_7101I have a major love-hate relationship with this formula.  On one hand I LOVE the opacity and dry time.  This is practically a 1 coater.  You could get away with 1 thick coat but I’m wearing 2 coats in all of the pictures.  The dry time is incredible as well, almost like an insta-dry formula! It dries to a matte finish, which I left untouched for the pictures. However, this polish chips worse than any other polish I’ve ever tried … EVER! I get chipping with this polish within an hour or 2, even when I wear a top coat.  So while I love the color and the formula, this is strictly going to be a layering polish for glitters from here on out.

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish? Do any of you have a polish that chips almost instantly?

19 thoughts on “China Glaze “Turned Up Turquoise”

  1. Gorgeous color! I’ve found that all of my China Glaze polishes chip within a day or so. I try to avoid buying them unless I see an absolute must have color that no other brand has.

  2. I love this one so much! Even though I no longer buy ChG, it’s the color I’m always drawn to when I’m at Ulta or Sally’s. I have only 6 Chanel polishes (another brand I no longer buy…) and they all chip on me within hours of applying. :-\ Sorry y’all are having such a time finding a place – and I agree with you about spending the extra money for the extra comforts! ♥

  3. Beautiful color, I think! I do not own any china glaze nail polish, unfortunately. I used to use a cheap Sally Hansen top coat and every one of my manicures would start chipping just hours later! Invested in a bottle of Seche Vite and I no longer have that problem, thankfully, but anyway, does the “Turned Up Turquoise” still chip like that with a top coat or is that without a top coat?

    • the pictures were without a top coat, but it chipped with and without one within a few hours. i tried it a few times thinking that maybe it was a 1 time problem. but no, every time i tried it it chipped

  4. I Would never wear a polish that is going to chip after a couple of hours! Even though the color payoff is great….. it would be a waste of time.

  5. Such a shame… It’s one of my favorite colors, but I just can’t handle the chipping… I did layer China Glaze Atlantis over it and that stayed put as normal and was absolutely beautifull!

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