Illamasqua “Raindrops”

IMG_6512HUGE Lemming crossed off my list! If you are new to my blog, then if you look at the top of the screen I have a page called my Lemming/Wish List.  It basically is a list of polishes that I would donate my left ovary for (maybe not that extreme, but at least live on ramen noodles for a while).  I’m working my way through crossing off some of those polishes (thank you Mariska!) but this was by far my #1 lemming for a while!

When Illamasqua relaunched this polish in early spring, I knew I had to do whatever necessary to get my hands on it.  I went on an unhealthy obsession of calling every sephora in the state (not quite but almost), stalking Illamasqua’s website, and periodically checking ebay.  But for Valentines Day, my boyfriend surprised me with this and a bunch of other Illamasqua polishes!  He braved the Royal Mail issues and paid an arm and a leg just to allow me to cross this one off my list!

IMG_6515Illamasqua “Raindrops” is a grey crelly with silver microflakes.  Illamasqua couldn’t have named this polish a better name because when I look at it, it really does remind me of a rainy day.  It looks like you’re peering out a window at the grey skies, and you see the raindrops run down the window.  It is effortlessly stunning.

IMG_6514The formula on this really nice.  It takes 2 thick or 3 thin coats to be completely opaque.  It is a crelly formula so I knew that it would take multiple coats, but that is what it takes create this depth and shine.  It isn’t too thick, isn’t too thin, the perfect goldilocks consistency.  Overall, I’m in love and I think you can tell! And while I’m only blogging about this now, I’ve worn this a ton since getting in pack in March.

What do you guys think? What are your lemmings?

12 thoughts on “Illamasqua “Raindrops”

  1. So after breaking my “most expensive polish” record recently with some RBL polishes, I then went and broke the record again by treating myself to my first ever Illamasqua polish – Raindrops. Now I have to admit, I couldn’t understand why people raved about Illamasqua polishes so much given that they’re so expensive (AU$21, they used to be even more until they dropped their prices in line with the rest of the world….still $7 more than the US$14 they sell for at Sephora but admittedly they are in the same price bracket as OPI, Butter London etc here in Australia now). Having actually worn Raindrops for several days, I concede their formula is amazing. I didn’t get a single chip on this manicure in 3.5 days, not even tip wear. I get tip wear in a day with normal polishes. I still won’t be going out of my way to buy their polishes as I rarely wear a polish that long but it’s good to know that it lasts so long if I go away for a long weekend.

    • i’m with you! although i can’t complain about polish prices because you guys down in Australia have it ten thousand times worse, but i can’t really shell out $14 that often for a polish. and i still need to pop by RBL polish cherry! haven’t gone down that road yet

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