OCC Lip Tar in Hush Review!

IMG_7215I have been a tad bit obsessed with lip products lately.   This year I gave myself a little bit of an unspoken New Years resolution to make a conscious effort to apply a lip stick, gloss or stain every single day.  I am the girl who will do an entire face full of makeup and then top it off with a medicated lip balm.  Its not like I would need the lip balm but because I normally just didn’t care about lip products.  Up until a year ago I think I only owned 1 lipstick.  I thought they were more of a hassle than anything, because they would just come off after a hour or 2.

IMG_7214Fast forward to now and I’ve finally come to realize the value of a good lip product.  Lips are like the finishing touch to any makeup look.  And if I go for a bold lip then it cuts my makeup application time in half, because I’ll keep my eyes really simple.  So needless to say, my lippy collection has been growing! Then last month two things happened almost simultaneously to make my purchase my first OCC Lip Tar.  First, my dear friend Zenorah mentioned in a video that she had a Lip Tar collection that could rival her blush collection (gasp I know!).  Then a few days later, my friend Melissa did a blog post about a natural lip combo with a lip liner and this Lip Tar.  I immediately logged on to Amazon and purchased the first of probably many OCC Lip Tars!

Keep reading to see this on my lips and my full review!

IMG_7217I opted to buy the brush with the Lip Tar, because I had heard the reviews about the intense pigmentation.  The brush is a small travel brush with stiff bristles.  Its a mini lip brush that really does a good job at applying the product.  But I’ve found that I really only use the brush when I’m applying the Lip Tar heavily.  If I’m going for a more subdued application, its easier to just use my finger.

IMG_7219If my other pictures didn’t show it clear enough, it is a squeeze tube type of packaging.  Its great to get all of the product out.  But honestly, I don’t think someone could possibly finish one of these.  And if you have, I want to meet you to give you a high five or a cookie because that is an accomplishment!

IMG_7220So I wanted to see if the rumors really were true, that you only needed to smallest amount.  So that is how much I put on my hand.  That is barely a speck!

IMG_7221And that is what comes from blending out a speck!

IMG_7222Oh the terrifying closeup! Please don’t judge!

What I like: surprisingly, the color! I was a little upset when I put it on and saw that it was a baby pink, rather than the “my lips but better” pink that I expected.  I mean, come on, did you expect it to be that light on my lips? Anyways, its the perfect warm toned baby pink! Its like a light rose and gorgeous!  Also, I love that it is so pigmented to I have the option of wearing it heavy for a Jersey girl type of baby pink lip, or a light wash of cover.  Either way, it covers really nicely!

What I don’t like:  these things are more drying than I expected.  I never heard that they were drying, so in my mind they were the perfect lip product.  Fast forward an hour and I’m feeling that familiar tightness and desert feeling in my lips.  Apply a gloss or balm on top and it takes care of it, but its something to be prepared for.  Also, while they last a long time (a good 2-3 hours on me which is good in my book), they leave that awful lipstick ring! Where you have a ring around the outside of your lips and the inside of your lips where they meet.  So keep a mirror handy for touch ups!

Overall, I really do like this and can understand why girls go crazy over them.  I’m going to Sephora in the next few days and expect to come home with another shade or 2!  I’ll just have to make sure to keep a spare lippy in my purse and a mirror to touch up!

Grade: A-

Price: $18.00 

7 thoughts on “OCC Lip Tar in Hush Review!

    • they’re really cool! i almost bought a few more, but sephora only had dark colors which i don’t think i have the confidence to wear yet. but i got mine off amazon, i bet you could get it there as well no matter where you live!

  1. I’ve never tried a lip tar before. I don’t think I would like the matte look. I’m more of a glossy girl myself, but the color is really pretty!

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