Koh “Glamorous Purple”

IMG_6430Happy Monday! Today I have another polish from across the pond, one that the incredible Sabrina, aka the Polish Alcoholic, sent me in our swap back in the winter.  Wow, it’s a little shameful that its taken me this long to show you guys this polish! But I assure you, its not the first time I’m wearing it.

I figured now would be a good time to showcase this polish because OPI released a charcoal grey, purple, green duochrome in their Fall San Fransisco collection.  If you guys have been into nail polish for a while then you know that, while really cool, there are a lot of versions of that color on the market (Zoya “Ki” comes to mind).  So I thought I could show you guys an amazing cousin color, a lighter version of the new OPI “Peace, Love and OPI.”

IMG_6433Koh “Glamorous Purple” is a light grey, purple, green duochrome.  This is probably the strongest duochrome in my collection! I know my pictures don’t show that that much, but I promise in real life the color shift is intense! I tried to show the color shift from my index finger, which is a strong bright purple, to my pinky which is more of a grey.  It just is incredible!

IMG_6432The formula on this polish wasn’t as good as I had hoped from such a fantastic color.  It is pretty sheer.  This is 3 coats, but you can tell from the middle picture that there is still visible nail line.  It was slower to dry as well.  But because the color is so awesome, I’ll totally forgive the long manicure time.  I still have to try this over a black or navy and I’m contemplating doing that right now!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite duochromes?

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