OMG Crow Nail Strips Review!

Disclosure: products in this post were provided by the manufacturer, their PR firm or retailer for my review.

Being as obsessed with nail polish as I am, I have a tendency to change my nail polish every day.   Doing my nails is a way to calm down after a long day, to relax when I’m a little stressed, or a way to wind down to get ready to go to bed.  Because I like to paint my nails daily, I don’t normally wear nail polish strips.

However, I think nail polish strips are an awesome way to incorporate some nail art into my life, since I’m nail-art-challenged.  Also, I tend to buy nail polish strips when I’m going on a vacation, so I don’t have to worry about packing a bunch of nail polish stuff.  So I definitely love nail strips and they hold a special place in my life.

Crows nail polish strips 2-500x500(image source, OMG Nail Strips)

I’ve tried a lot of different nail strips, Sally Hansen, Julep, Wet ‘n Wild, and now today I have a review on nail polish strips from OMG Nail Strips! I’ve been doing a wear test for the last week plus and I can finally give my honest opinion on these!

Keep reading to see these on my nails and to find out how long they last!

Application Instructions:

  • Soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes. Dry hands, then gently push back cuticles. Carefully remove any excess skin around the nail bed.
  • Moisturize your hands with lotion, and wait 1 minute.
  • Using a Q-tip, remove any leftover lotion from the nail bed, paying special attention to the sidewalls, cuticle area and tip of the fingernail.
  • Select the appropriate sized nail strip for each nail to ensure the nail will be covered from sidewall to sidewall. Using a nail strip that is too large for a particular nail is not recommended; rather, trim the strip the scissors to the appropriate width.
  • Peel off the clear coating, and then carefully remove the nail polish strip from the sticker backing,
  • Start by placing whichever end on the nail strip that works better for your nails at the cuticle and  apply it by smoother the strip towards the tip and your nail, smoothing out and bumps and ensuring the strip is tucked neatly into the sidewalls.
  • File away any excess nail strip by holding your nail file parallel to the surface you are working on, as filing the nail perpendicularly will cause tearing along the tip.
  • After you have applied all ten polish strips, take a cotton ball the has been dipped in polish removed with the excess remover wrung out, and swipe each nail 1-3 times, paying special attention to the sidewalls, tips and cuticle area. This step is especially important, as it melts the strip to your nails, allowing for longer lasting wear.
  • Apply a finishing topcoat, and wait 5 minutes for it to try completely.

Day 1:

omg nail strips day 1I’ll admit, I never follow directions exactly and I think in this case I should have.  I got a little bit of bubbling on the ring and middle fingers which may have been fixed if I did the whole soaking thing in the beginning.  Oh well, this is what it looked like the morning after I applied the strips.

Day 5:

IMG_7312you can see a little bit of regrowth, especially on the ring finger

IMG_7313this shot you can see the tip wear

IMG_7314there is some wear around the edges of each nail as well

IMG_7315and the worst nail for tip wear

On day 5 the strips are still going strong but there is a little bit of tip wear and some wear around the edges of the nails.  The worst nail was the thumb tho, because of how much I use my thumb nail.  My OCD was kicking in because each nail wasn’t perfect and I really wanted to take them off, but I decided to leave them on to give them the full review.

Day 8:



IMG_7318I couldn’t handle it! I needed a change after staring at the same manicure for a week! I’m sorry but I added China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy” to my thumb, index finger and pinky.  But I didn’t add the accent nails because of chipping or tip wear, I did it because I needed something new to look at.

On day 8, the tip wear was still minimal but much more noticeable.  Still not major chipping! I’m definitely impressed!

However, I didn’t take a picture on the last day but I couldn’t handle it after Day 10.  I NEEDED a change, not because the strips were chipping but because I like to change my manicure every day.  For someone who’s used to changing their polish that often, having the same thing on my nails for 10 days was a feat in itself.

General thoughts:

I love the design, but some of the nails had a lot of Crows and some nails were really sparse.  And its not like I could control where the crows went, this is just how they were printed with the curved cuticle area.  Also, the feeling of these strips was really cool! I’ve tried a few other brands of nail strips and these almost feel like gel.  They’re easy to manipulate, pull, stretch and to fit on the nail.  They were really thin and almost felt like I had bare nails!

Final thoughts:

I absolutely love these an am really impressed with how long they last.  In comparison to other brands that I’ve tried, these feel amazing on my nails, are really easy to apply and manipulate to get them to fit my nail shape.  While I didn’t leave them on for the full 2 weeks to see if they last a full 14 days, I did leave them on for 10 without any major problems.  I love the design, but think I would try another design next time to get more consistent designs on each nail.  I highly recommend these if you love nail strips! And they’re much more affordable than the Sally Hansen ones.

Grade: A-

Price: $6.89

Right now OMG Nail Strips is running a special on 4 for $20 if you use the code: 4pack.  You can also enter their giveaway on Facebook!

Disclosure: products in this post were provided by the manufacturer, their PR firm or retailer for my review.

10 thoughts on “OMG Crow Nail Strips Review!

    • oh it hurt to keep it on with all that tip wear! but i figured i had to give them a fair shot and wear them how “normal” (not crazy nail polish) girls would wear them. oh and i haven’t said anything on your website yet but it looks FANTASTIC!!! i absolutely love it! i love the layout and colors it just looks so professional and gorgeous

  1. I, too, am nail art challenged and I think these are so cute! Even though I have a tendency to be a bit OCD, I kinda like how they’re not evenly spaced…it’s kinda how crows fly! lol I don’t blame you for adding a color to them, though, as I don’t think I could handle the same mani for more than a few days – lol!

    • i kind of wish that i had saved some of the left overs because i think these would be awesome for halloween. oh well, halloween is also when wet n wild comes out with theirs and theirs are only $2. i’m wearing more nail strips now and am having the same urge to paint over it!

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