Quick Update!

Hi everyone! I wanted to post a really quick update on here to let you guys know a little of whats going on in my life!  I’ve been very absent from YouTube lately and wanted to explain a few things.  I know not everyone watches my videos, but I do know that a few of you do follow me on that site as well so I figured I could just mention a few things.

First, I got engaged.  I wasn’t going to announce it on here or anything but I already showed my ring on Instagram which was my way of announcing it.  I’m contemplating starting another blog dedicated to my wedding plans and how I’m going to try to balance my final year of law school with dress shopping, cake tastings, etc.  But if any of you want to know more about my engagement, I’d be happy to do a video on my vlog channel or write a post about it (just let me know!)

Second, my fiance (wow that’s still weird to say) and I were thinking about moving.  Our lease is up in 2 weeks so we were hunting for a new apartment.  It got really hectic there for a while because we hadn’t found a place we could agree on!  So the last month has been stressful, worrying about where we were going to live and moving expenses.  About a week ago we decided that we were going to stay in our apartment, but we wanted to do a major overhaul! We changed the layout of every room, got some new furniture and did some major spring cleaning.  As of right now, the only place I have to film requires me to buy some lighting, hence why I haven’t filmed in about 2 weeks.

Third, it was my last day of work for about 3 weeks.  I decided to continue to internship into the school year because I really think I’ve found my calling in life, or at least the area of law that I want to practice.  To be honest, I took the job because I thought it would look really good on a resume and not because I was interested in the work, but I finally know what I want to be when I grow up!  So tying up loose ends for 3 weeks off took a little bit of time.

Fourth, (jeez, tired of these excuses yet?) it was my fiance’s birthday.  His birthday happened to coincide with my last day of work so we actually did a birth-weekend type of celebration.  We celebrated with my family 1 night, our friends another, just me and him for a third night and then his family intermittently.

Finally, tomorrow is my birthday! I’ll be 26 and have been in a fowl mood for the last few days.  25 was really hard, although I know that some of you may be older than that and believe me I’m not saying that I’m old, but emotionally it was a rough one.  26 is even worse, because aside from being engaged I’m in the same place as I was when I was 21.  I’m not going to type out a pity party and I don’t want to rub anyone the wrong way, but I think a few of you can relate to the dread of turning yet another year older while feeling you haven’t accomplished what you had wished you would have.

So that is why I’ve been absent from YouTube.  I’m amazed I found the time to blog, and even more impressed that I’m writing this now.  I wasn’t even going to blog today.  But I got a comment today on one of my videos asking where I was and why I haven’t posted a video in a week.  So I figured I should give you guys a little update! Be patient with me until I can figure out my filming situation and thank you so much for all of your support!  It really does mean the world to me!

Hope you all are having a good summer (or winter for those of you in the other hemisphere!)

25 thoughts on “Quick Update!

  1. Thats a lot of things at once! But if anyone knows what you are going through it’s this girl. I got engaged,graduated from college, started my new career, and bought a house all within 6 months!! But I was the dreaded 30 when that happened so you are light years on me! Enjoy your life and try not to stress out too much 😉

  2. Congratulations Holly. I know exactly how you feel about the 26. I turned 26 in November and I’m going in my 3rd year of law school as well and I see all of my friends married, with mortgages and kids and it makes me sad sometimes. Although, I know I should feel accomplished that I am following my goals and postponing other stuff that I wanted for so long and do with personal success first. It’s a hard balance. You’ll be alright. On a side note, have you seen Michele1218’s lighting? It’s simple and cheap but still gets the job done. It’s just the strip light attached to the wall, it doesn’t take up a bunch of room like the boxed lighting and doesn’t break the bank. Just a suggestion.

    Gina, from St. Petersburg, FL

    • thank you so much gina! good luck with your third year of law school! i keep hearing its supposed to be the easiest, but i think that might be crap. i’m taking the MPRE’s tomorrow too, which i didn’t include in the post. do you know what type of law you want to do yet?

      and i’m hunting through her videos to find out where she got them. do you know where she purchased those? theres another girl i watch, nikkirothbeauty (i think thats her name) and i think she just uses one of those conair makeup mirrors for her lighting.

  3. That is quite an agenda 🙂 I do relate to what you are saying about seemingly not moving forward. I would encourage you to find a few moments to write down a list of accomplishments. In other words, focus on what you have done rather that what you think has been left undone. Congratulations and best wishes to you.

  4. I have seen the ring coming by on instagram but i feel so stupid that i diddn’t notice it was your engagement ring i feel so stupid right now!!! Congratulations babe! You really deserve it and you two are sooo cute together 🙂 It gets me so excited youre getting married woooo!!! 🙂 And happy happy happy birthday ! Hope you wil have a lovely day 🙂 Awh this news makes me happy 😀

  5. I like your update, its nice that you’re still kind of around vs completely being m.i.a. Everyone needs a break once in a while. Congrats on all the exciting events (and happy birthday). Personally, I’d like to hear about all the engagement stuff 🙂
    When Toby & I were moving I had a HUGE break down when he started throwing everything we owned away and the thought of spending mass amounts of money to replace everything stressed me out really bad. In the end, he was right, it was easier to rebuy everything instead of shipping the small stuff but I HATED the entire process. I can only imagine how badly we’ll both stress when it comes to moving in to a home or moving back to CA.
    Totally feel you on the not accomplishing anything, especially with my break from school 😦 It’s my motivation to get the most out of blogging for now. Who knows, Toby joked it would make me change my major to computer science when I go back to school. (That was his major and he didn’t like it)

    • oh man that had to be rough! i couldn’t even imagine what its like to move across the country and having to let go of some things. i know that in the end its just material things but you form an attachment to some of the things. at least for me i think “thats the coffee table my dad gave me” or “i bought that on this vacation.” you’re a much stronger girl than i to be able to part with some of that!

      and wouldn’t that be ironic if you did go back for computer science lol what was your original major? and thanks for the birthday wishes?

  6. First, CONGRATS on your engagement! I am so happy for you both! Getting married is so exciting, and being married is even better. 🙂 Also, I think it is totally understandable to go through rough birthdays no matter how old you are. ❤

  7. Gosh, just catching up and even though I follow you on Instagram.. I missed the bling! That is such wonderful news, and I’m so happy for you both! Also happy birthday!
    I also hope the job news is good, and you feel happy in finding out what you really want, I know law is so broad and it can take a little bit to find the path you want. You have so much going on, of COURSE blogging would take a back seat! So happy for you, Holly! 🙂 Love from across the pond in Australia! (I’m popcouturist on IG, misspopc on Twitter) x

  8. Ahhhh holly CONGRATULATIONS!! And a big hug on ur engagement. Wow!! I should have guessed the wedding fever wud have got to u what with all those bridal showers n weddings u were attending lol. please tell us all about it when u can. All the very best girl and hope to see you soon on you tube! Best of luck for the lawyers ethics exam as well. xoxo 🙂

    • aww thank you! i definitely did catch a wedding bug from all the wedding stuff i’ve been doing over the last few years! thanks for all your support and i finally filmed a new video today! should be up tonight

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