Deborah Lippmann “Do the Mermaid”

IMG_7117Happy Thursday! I spent this morning going through all the swatches that I have on my computer.  Its a little shameful to admit to how many polishes that I have photographed and haven’t shown you yet.  What is even more shameful is that half of them are summer polishes! Now everyone is transitioning into fall shades and I’m starting to catch the jewel tone fever.  I guess that means I have to hurry up and post more nail pictures!

IMG_7118Deborah Lippmann “Do the Mermaid” is a lavender foil with a gold microshimmer and purple glitter.  It is complex but comes together to form a gorgeous shade! If you’ve followed my blog for a while then you know that lavender is not my best friend and most of the time it looks like crap against my skin tone.  But this one is one of a the few that I feel like I can pull off!

IMG_7116The formula on this polish was a little on the thin side but I think that it works for this polish.  If it was thick I think it would be too gritty.  This is 3 coats and dries much smoother than it looks in the pictures.  Its such a pretty polish and I wish that I had gotten it in the spring! I feel like this pastel would have gotten a ton of use in April!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite Deborah Lippmann polishes?

7 thoughts on “Deborah Lippmann “Do the Mermaid”

    • and thats totally cool! you can wear whatever you want in whatever season. i have a tendency to stick to the trends, not because i’m trying to be trendy i just really love the darker colors with the cooler weather! it also helps that it gets cold here pretty quickly

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