Zoya “Stevie”

IMG_6890Happy Friday everyone! I hope that all of you have some fun plans for this weekend.  For me, I’m enjoying my last official weekend of summer.  I start school on Monday and in all honesty, I’m totally not ready (both emotionally and because I haven’t done the homework yet).  So I figured I still had time to show off a fun summer polish! IMG_6892

My mind has been completely occupied by Zoya nail polish lately! Because right now they have a BOGO sale going on.  I keep doing my “fake-shopping” where I fill up my cart with every polish I want and then chicken out and close the window before I hit check out.  I want 20 polishes, but I think I’m just going to get 2 (or 4 lol).

IMG_6891Zoya “Stevie” is a fun warm medium purple pixie dust.   I absolutely love love love the color and this has gotten a lot of love since I got it last spring.  The formula on this is similar to the other pixie dusts I have … meaning, prepare for a long manicure time.  This is 3 coats, but I think you might be able to get away with 2.  The dry time on the last coat takes FOREVER, but once its on this thing will not come off with a jackhammer.  I really do love the pixie dust line and am thinking about getting some of the fall shades in this BOGO sale!

What do you think? What are the Zoya polishes you’re picking up in the sale or which ones are on your wishlist?

6 thoughts on “Zoya “Stevie”

  1. Ive got this polish aswell!! the dry time isnt that long actually. But i love this polish so much the shimmer is gorgeous

    • aww thanks!! i use a TON of cuticle oil. i use cuticle oil every night pretty much. plus i think it might be genetics, because even before i took care of my nails i never had an issue with my cuticles

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