Picture Polish “White Wedding”

IMG_6971Another HUGE lemming crossed off my list.  When this polish was first released a few years ago, I wanted it so bad.  It was always sold out on Llarowe and I never committed to the high shipping costs to purchase it from Picture Polish in Australia.  Then the buzz about this polish died down but I never got it out of my head, since I love white polish so much.

I have put this in my shopping cart so many times and never pulled the trigger.  Then earlier this summer my friend Mariska sent me an awesome package from the Netherlands with a bunch of makeup and polishes that I can’t get in the States.  And she surprised me with this beauty!  And, no joke, I screamed when I opened the box and scared my fiance so bad while he was driving.

IMG_6975Picture Polish “White Wedding” is a sheer white jelly with subtle gold and pink shimmer.  It is so delicate and feminine! I love that I can wear 3 coats and make it really stand out on my nails or I can wear 2 and have it be something much more subtle and classy.  And just as a side n note, the shrinkage on my middle finger was not the fault of the polish but due to being at the bottom of my seche vite.

IMG_6974The formula on this polish is nice but sheer.  I knew it would be sheer so it didn’t bother me, especially because with a name like White Wedding I expected it to be something classy and appropriate for a woman on her wedding day (and I say that when I’m probably going to end up wearing Navy polish on my wedding day).  The dry time is average and it levels out nicely on the nail.  I really love this polish, but I’m biased towards any type of white.  Thank you again Mariska, this totally lived up to all my expectations.

What do you guys think? What’s your favorite Picture Polish shade? What is your lemming right now?

10 thoughts on “Picture Polish “White Wedding”

  1. This is so lovely! omg- I read and replied to your comment right before I fell asleep last night and then I had a dream about you. You were on a famous talk show like dr phil or something as a beauty contributor and you did awesome and looked gorgeous. I remember thinking, OMG I can’t wait to tell miss holly how great she did! LOLOLOLOL

  2. Haha i remember you saying you scared your boyfriend, bless him. I knew you would like it as if i diddn’t use it that much you would of finish this polish! The polish is absolutely gorgeous on you and i feel good to make you happy with it! i would like to try out more of these polishes but don’t know wich one yet. my lemming polishes are some from the fall pixie dust collection from zoya lol!

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