Butter London “Bit Faker”

IMG_7121Happy Tuesday! School started back up for me yesterday and needless to say, its been a little bit of an adjustment.  Getting used to having homework every night, class all day, and then balancing family, friends, blogging and YouTube has been a challenge.  But no worries, I’ll stay up way past my bedtime in order to get it all in! Plus, Pretty Little Liars is on tonight!

I’m almost done showing you guys all of my summer polishes! And I can’t believe that its taken this long to show you guys this beauty.  But I think the bronze is a great transition into fall, since Thanksgiving always makes me crave brown nail polish!

IMG_7123Butter London “Bit Faker” is a dense copper glitter suspended in a light brown jelly base.  But you can’t even tell that it is a brownish colored base because it is such a dense glitter! It basically looks like the Levian brown diamonds all over your nails! The picture above is taken in direct sunlight and it really shows off how much it sparkles!

IMG_7122The formula on this was alright, but not amazing.  Most microglitters like this tend to make the brush all goopy and it makes it hard to apply.  This was no exception.  The formula was a little thick too.  But this is just 2 coats and its completely opaque! It is so stunning that I will forgive the thick consistency and rough application!

What do you guys think? What is your favorite Butter London?

14 thoughts on “Butter London “Bit Faker”

  1. I’ve been eyeing this one for a while. Although I now have Traffic Stopper Copper thanks to the SOPI closeout, among several other coppery things, so it’s not like I’m suffering from the lack of glittery things in my life!

  2. So beautiful! What a gorgeous colour for fall! I never knew you watched pretty little liars! I am shocked with this episode! Need to know what happens, lol!

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