Cult Classic?! New Series and Wet ‘n Wild Comfort Zone Palette Review!


I have been contemplating a new series for quite some time now.  I don’t believe I have ever started a series on my blog, besides my sporadic Throwback Thursdays and Monday Manicure Spam posts (which I promise will start again soon).  The series I have in mind is going to be all about “Cult Classic” products.


“Cult Classic” products, in my eyes, are products that are reached this higher level of hype either online or in real life.  Everyone knows those products that everyone and their sister seems to rave about.  I bet you can think of a few of those products right now (and please please please leave them in the comments so I can review them!).  And I don’t mean the new hot products, but makeup and beauty items that have been around for a while and girls have repeatedly purchased or have labeled them as “holy grail” products.


This series is going to be me testing out these products that everyone seems to rave about and see if they really live up to the hype! want to find out for myself, and for you guys, if they really deserve the “Cult Classic” title.  Up first … the Wet ‘n Wild “Comfort Zone” palette.


This palette is one of those items that everyone seems to own, everyone seems to love, and is one of the first things that is recommended when people ask for suggestions on drugstore palettes.  So does it really live up to all the hype?


Keep reading to find out!

IMG_5864The Comfort Zone palette is your traditional 8 pan plastic palette.  One side has a range of green shimmers and the other side has nude shimmers.  One of the shadows is also a duochrome finish, which is a dark reddish brown with a strong green shimmer.

IMG_5865Left, nude side.  All one swipe, no primer

IMG_5870Right, green side.  All one swipe, no primer.


What I like: This palette is so affordable! You get 8 full sized shadows for just $4.99! That really is a steal.  Plus, the shadows are very nicely pigmented.  I absolutely LOVE the duochrome shadow that is supposedly a dupe for MACs Club.  Some of my favorite smokey eye looks are using this shadow in either the crease or all across the lid.


What I don’t like: It kills me that these are all shimmers.  I know it’s drugstore, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to not include a single matte shade.  Also, I do experience fall out when using the shadows, no matter which shade I use.  The dark brown is amazing as a liner, but I find that its too dark for an outer V color and blends out a little bit patchy when I try to use it very lightly.  And I find that while the shadows are beautiful and nicely pigmented, I always need to supplement this palette with other shadows.  I either need to use a better outer V color or a matte crease shade to balance out my eye.  But that is just my personal preference


Overall, I can understand how this palette reached “Cult Classic” status, being as affordable as it is with the shadows that you get.  The shadows are stunning and its nice that you can get some nude shadows for such a great price.  But I need to supplement this palette with other shadows to create a full eye look that I’m comfortable with.  Not to say that you can’t create a full eye look, but I prefer to use other shades.


Final Verdict:  I’m on the fence! While I really really like this, I always have to say “this is great for the price.” The price seems to bump up my review, but to be honest I have better Wet ‘n Wild palettes.  I love some of the shades and would pay the full price of the palette just to have a backup of the duochrome shadow.  So … Yes, I will say Cult Classic but with a big disclaimer.  This is a Cult Classic for under $5.


What do you guys think? What are your favorite Cult Classic Products?

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