Zoya “Charla”

IMG_7002After blogging about “Cult Classic” makeup, I felt like I needed to talk about a “Cult Classic” nail polish as well!  One of my all time favorite girls on YouTube is Yukie, aka WarmVanillaSugar0823.  I think I started watching her videos when she had just 500 subscribers and I attribute a good chunk of my nail polish to her! I would watch her videos and then go on a shopping spree.

Yukie has always raved and raved about Zoya “Charla” and how it is her all time favorite polish.  I hope I’m not misquoting her, because as a fellow nail polish addict I know that is a HUGE claim.  But she just raves about this shade, as well as many other people, so I knew I had to pick it up in my last Zoya order to find out what all the hype was about!

IMG_7004Zoya “Charla” is a blue shimmer with a strong teal glass fleck sheen.  It basically looks like a metallic mermaid on your nails.  In the shade it looks like the teal shimmer is more like scales because it gives off a flaky like look.  I googled this polish to find a blog that could describe this polish better than me, but everyone seems to have a different color description!

IMG_7003The formula on this polish is pretty sheer.  It took almost 4 coats to become completely opaque.  I did the 3rd coat and saw that I could still see some visible nail line so I did an extra thick 3rd coat just to cut down on time.  The consistency is on the thin side as well which I think contributed to the polish being so sheer.  But I think as the polish thickens as it gets older, it will become more opaque and easier to apply.  The dry time is great on this polish.

Overall, I completely understand why people love this polish!  Although this is one of my least favorite finishes, I can’t stop staring at least pictures! It kind of makes me want to put this polish back on.

What do you guys think? What is your all time favorite polish?

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