All About Jelly Sandwiches!

Hey guys! On my YouTube channel, one of the most frequently asked questions was “What is a Jelly Sandwich?”  Whenever I would mention that phrase in a nail polish video, half of my comments on the video were about jelly sandwiches.  So I decided to make a video all about the manicure technique, including what a jelly finish polish is, what a jelly sandwich is, how you do it, and my favorite combinations that I’ve discovered so far! But remember, you can do any combo that you want! These are just some that I’ve discovered!

I hope you like this! And if you guys have any video requests, please let me know!

6 thoughts on “All About Jelly Sandwiches!

  1. Zoya Luna (silver glitter) also makes great jelly sandwiches – you can use practically any color with it, but I’ve done it a lot with Zoya Paloma.

    I snagged Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild and Traffic Stopper Copper, among a number of other things, in the Sephora by OPI close-out sale, and I’m sooo glad I got them, they are so beautiful. Those are both ones I wouldn’t have thought to look for if you hadn’t talked about them!

    • thanks so much for the suggestion! i haven’t tried paloma with a regular silver glitter before so i might have to try that out later this week! i’m glad that you like both those polishes too! i had to pick up another bottle of only gold for me when i heard the line was being discontinued

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