Cola gets a little Glamourous!

IMG_6797Happy Sunday!! I’m showcasing this manicure today for 2 reasons.  The first and more important reason, is because this manicure represents my beloved Cleveland Browns football team!  Today is the Cleveland Browns homeopener and the first Sunday of the Football season!!! I really love football and even though rooting for any Cleveland team will cause pre-mature heart problems and anxiety attacks, I can’t quit believing (Believe-land!).

The second reason is because I haven’t done a post like this in forever! If you scroll through my blog, all my past manicures used to use multiple polishes, either a layering manicure or accent nails.  I used to really enjoy coming up with cute and clever names for this posts!  I had to try to do it again!

IMG_6798Zoya “Cola” is a classic chocolate brown creme.  I absolutely LOVE this shade.  It looks so rich and almost edible.  The gloss on top makes it look like melted chocolate and I’m getting hungry just typing this.  I also love this shade because you can tell that its a brown in every light.  I have a few other dark browns, but they tend to look like I’m wearing a black unless I’m in direct sunlight.  This shade definitely looks brown.

The formula was a little on the watery side, which made the polish pool at the cuticles.  It was a little hard to deal with but as long as you have a good brush for clean up, it isn’t a problem.  It took 3 thin coats to be opaque.  It looked almost perfect with 2 coats, but there were some bald spots near the cuticles, so 3 is perfect.  The dry time is really nice and dried really glossy, even without a top coat.

IMG_6796Wet ‘n Wild Fergie “Glamorous” is a chunky gold glitter with gold microglitter, suspended in a clear base.  I bought this polish because I ran out of my beloved Sephora by OPI “Only Gold for Me,” (which I have since remedied).  I wanted a cheap polish that could fill that chunky gold hole in my heart.  Well, this one didn’t really cut it.

The formula was thick but the glitter was sparse.  I don’t have problem with a less-dense glitter but this one really bugged me.  If I just pulled my brush right out of the bottle I got about 2 pieces of chunky glitter on my brush and little microglitter.  What you see in the pictures is about 30 minutes worth of the dabbing method to apply glitter where I want it.  The dry time was slower too because it was a thicker consistency.   And since I repurchased my favorite chunky gold glitter, I doubt this one will ever get love again.

What do you guys think? Who is your favorite Football team??

9 thoughts on “Cola gets a little Glamourous!

    • awww thanks! i haven’t been layering as much as i want to because i’ve been trying out so many new ones. but all of your nail art stuff has been incredible! i love your blog and even though i don’t comment as often as i know i should, i want you to know that you’re so talented! i love your layout too

  1. I love Cola. It’s such a gorgeous color. It gives me a little bit of Fall on my nails since I live in SoCal and we don’t experience Fall. On a side note, my dad is from Cleveland and we ALWAYS heard about all the Cleveland teams growing up. I no longer live with my parents, but I feel bad for my Mom because she now has to listen to my Dad rant and rave about his Cleveland teams. LOL.

    • haha i understand! my dads family is from cleveland and its a really male dominated family. i was just at my dads house today for the browns game and there was my dad, 2 uncles, grandfather, step brother and fiance there. me and my step mom were a little outnumbered but good thing that i love football. but there was a lot of yelling about cleveland today lol

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