Covergirl Clean Sensative Skin Foundation Review!

IMG_6836I haven’t done a makeup review in a while!  So I figured I should come back with a readily available drugstore foundation review.  My mom purchased this foundation and ended up buying a shade that was too light for her.  She ended up giving it to me last spring, when it was a little too dark for me.  After a nice summer, this foundation is finally close enough to my skin tone for me to try out.

IMG_6837Keep reading for my full review, pros and cons and to see this on my skin!

From Covergirl:

Clean Makeup’s formula lets your skin breathe, goes on easily, and blends perfectly, so the world doesn’t see makeup, just the look of great skin. Our Sensitive Skin formula is fragrance- and oil-free, helping to minimize irritation and redness for those with delicate skin. Also available in our Normal Skin and Oil Control formulas.

The packaging kind of bothers me.  I think I’m so used to foundations with pumps or the type that you squeeze out.  I haven’t used a traditional foundation in a glass bottle, where I have to either dump it on the back of my hand or use my finger tips, in a while.  I’m all paranoid about bacteria in my makeup, and this packaging isn’t the best at keeping makeup clean and germ free.

IMG_7354no makeup, no primer

IMG_7357with the foundation, no primer

What I like: this foundation is really light and airy.  It almost feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all its so light weight.  I will go as far to say that this is the most light weight foundation I’ve ever worn.  This is a light coverage foundation, but you can build it up a little.  It dries to a powdery finish but looks extremely natural.  It basically looks like I’m not wearing any foundation, but it gives the look of naturally flawless skin.  I really like the finished look.

What I don’t like: this foundation is a little weird.  It has a consistency that is more similar to a whipped foundation.  Its really thick and hard to get out of the bottle, but its really really sheer on the skin.   I like that its a lighter coverage, but it takes a lot of foundation and effort to get the look you see in the picture.

Overall, its a good foundation if you like a lighter coverage but I really hate the packaging.  If this had a pump, I would have a much more positive review.  I love the look and feel of this foundation on my skin, but I tend to avoid using it because its such a hassle trying to get the product out of the bottle.

Grade: C

Price: $6.99

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