I’ve been talking about a lot of giveaways on my blog! I just had one end on Sunday, where I did a collab giveaway with my friend Mariko.  I also featured my dear friend Luchessa’s giveaway the other day.  And now I have another one of my own!  Head on over to my YouTube channel to find out all the details!

Good Luck everyone!

7 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY Time!

  1. Whaaaat… What is that, with people disliking that youtubers show nailpolish they recieved from a company? I dont get it/understand it…
    As long as the youtuber is telling their honest oppinion about it. I never buy a polish unless I’ve seen 3-5 blogpost/YT videos about it. Im pretty sure lots of ladies do it like that?
    Is it jalouxi? That you get free stuff? As I see it, you work for it!! You make blogposts/YT vids about it, and thats not something that takes just 5 minutes…
    But please fill me in, what is it about, why do they not like you showing off free nailpolish? Im stuck in little denmark, and rarely read comments, so I have no clue 😉

    • some people feel like bloggers aren’t honest when they are sent things. i’ve struggled with that myself, trying to be respectful of a company who has spent money on you while also being honest with readers. but ultimately its about being honest so people don’t waste their own hard earned money. thanks for commenting!

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