Hare Polish “Flight of the Flamingos”

IMG_7373Although Fall is in full swing, I’m not ready to give up some of my summer colors! My favorite indie brand, Hare Polish, came out with a summer collection called the Tropics are Calling that was released in August.  Most of the time, August in the month where all the fall collections are released but I’m normally in full scale neon mode! So this collection was absolutely perfect because I feel like this polish (and the other I bought) is the ideal transition between the seasons!

IMG_7374Hare Polish “Flight of the Flamingos” is a soft light grey with chunky matte neon pink hexagonal and square glitters and small gold glitter.  It is so unique! The neon glitters make it so bright and fun for summer but the light grey is perfect for fall.  I love light grey in the fall and neon pink for the summer so the combination of the 2 is seriously perfect for those weeks in between.

IMG_7376The formula on this polish was kind of typical for Hare Polish.  It was pretty thick because it has SO MUCH glitter in it.  They aren’t difficult to apply, but you get some much glitter in each swipe that you have to do the 3 stroke application technique to make sure that there aren’t any bald spots.  The dry time is really good and it is really opaque.  This is just 2 coats and completely opaque.  But beware, this thing eats top coat and requires at least 2 coats.

IMG_7375I absolutely love this shade.  I still have to try out the other one I purchased from this collection, but if it’s as good as this one then I might be rocking these for the next few weeks until its time for all my Halloween colors!

What do you guys think? What is your favorite indie polish maker?

11 thoughts on “Hare Polish “Flight of the Flamingos”

  1. I’m not ready to give up my summer colors either! Every time I go to the store I try to focus on fall/winter colors but always end up spending money on stuff that’s going to end up looking awkward come a few months from now (you know, like bright yellow or pink during Christmas, haha). Anyway, this polish is lovely!

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