Jouer Matte Moisture Tint Review!

IMG_7227I recently posted the video on my YouTube channel and here about the products that YouTube made me buy. This product was included in that video! I first heard about this from Ingrid, MissGlamourazzi, whom I think I don’t need to provide an introduction to! But then Eshani, TtlMakeupJunkie101, and Yukie, WarmVanillaSugar0823, started raving about this product too! Since I blindly follow anything that Yukie says, I immediately purchased it off Amazon.

IMG_7228This product seemed to provide everything that I wanted for a summer face product. It is a tinted moisturizer, which is my favorite type of product to wear on my face during the hotter months because its light, blurs imperfections but doesn’t look like makeup. It also has a matte finish, which helps me which tends to get oily in the summer. And from all the girls raving about this product, they claim that it keeps you matte for hours! I was sold!

So how does this product measure up? Keep reading to see this on my face and to know my pros and cons!

IMG_7229First off, I love the packaging. I really like these squeeze tubes because I feel like I don’t get as much bacteria into the makeup and I can really use all of the product. You can also easily cut into the tube when you think the product is finished and scrape off the sides!


IMG_7231The consistency is a nice medium for a tinted moisturizer. It isn’t too thick, nor too thin. It almost has a mousse type feeling, but it warms up to your skin and sinks in really quickly. I have applied this with a stippling brush, traditional foundation brush, kabuki, and with my fingers. I can honestly say all methods of application make the product look good, which is a rarity!

IMG_7352no makeup

IMG_7427after shower, with just mascara and the jouer matte moisture tint

What I like: I love the coverage. While it is a tinted moisturizer, it has a little bit more coverage than your traditional tinted moisturizer. It has a light to medium coverage, but can be closer to medium if you build it up or apply a little extra product. I love that I can still see my skin through the product, which makes the matte finish not as harsh as some fuller coverage foundations. I also love how fast it sinks into the skin and dries. Additionally, I love how this wears. While I don’t think it keeps me matte all day, it stays on a good 7-8 hours before I notice some fading. This also keeps me matte for a good 4-5 hours before I notice any oil.

What I don’t like: the shade range! There are only 5 shades in the entire range! These aren’t the names of the shades but there’s fair, light, light medium, medium and tan. Being more pigmented than a traditional tinted moisturizer I really think they need more shades. Also, I don’t love the price. It isn’t as pricey as some high end foundations, but its still really pricey!

Overall, I love this! I highly highly recommend it and its been in my last few favorites videos. I am still wearing it every single day and as my skin tone lightens after summer I am mixing it with a lighter BB cream. That is sufficing right now to keep me from buying a lighter shade but I’m already itching at the change to get another tube!

Grade: A-
Price: $38.00 available at Nordstrom

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