Chanel “Taboo”

IMG_7012(natural light)
I purchased this nail polish at the beginning of the summer, during a time when all I wanted to do is wear neon shades and white nail polish.  So I don’t think I appreciated the full complexity and gorgeousness that is this polish! Now that I’m craving all the richness of dark nail polishes, I had to try this out again!
IMG_7018(artificial light)
Side note: please forgive these pictures! I tried taking pictures in so many different lights, trying to get all the colors of this polish to show up! My pictures do NOT do this polish justice, and you need to see this in real life!
IMG_7025(artificial light)
Chanel “Taboo” is a dark purple with a red shimmer and blue sporadic shimmer.  In some lights it looks like a vampy dark purple, almost black, creme.  In other lights it looks like a wine polish with a red shimmer.  In other lights you see the blue flecks come out and it looks like the night sky on the nails! OMG this polish is so freaking pretty!
IMG_7026(artificial light)
There is only 1 word to describe this formula.  PERFECTION.  This is just 1 coat! Out of all the nail polishes in my collection, I think this is the most “true” one coater polish.  It is so pigmented without being thick of hard to work with.  This polish pretty much applied itself and then dried within 5 seconds.  Utter perfection!
What do you guys think?  Do you have any Chanel polishes?

11 thoughts on “Chanel “Taboo”

  1. Would you say it’s worth the money? Like I think butter by London is worth $12 (that’s what we get for here but I would pay the full $15 too). Chanel is more expensive than that by a lot though, right? I would love to try it but can’t justify spending a ton of money on one bottle of polish. Anyway, it looks awesome!

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