Nail Polishes I Regret Buying!

I post reviews of nail polishes almost every day, and sometimes I have good things to say and other times I don’t.  And sometimes I change my mind about nail polishes.   Here are all of the polishes in my collection currently that I really regret purchasing.

While I wish I had never bought these polishes, some of these are actually amazing polishes! I just regret buying them because the color wasn’t right for me, or the finish didn’t draw me in.  So don’t think that all of these are bad, I just don’t wear them because of personal preference.

Polishes mentioned in the video:
opi “meep, meep, meep”
zoya “rikki”
nails inc “connaught square”
nails inc “houses of parliament” magnetic nail polish
butter london “gobsmacked”
essie “shake your $$ maker”

Hope you guys enjoyed this! What are some of the polishes that you regret buying?

9 thoughts on “Nail Polishes I Regret Buying!

  1. Essie is just not my kind of brand though i like to try the colours. i hate the brush and it just doesn’t dry and most of the polishes are thick. lol. Same as catrice and essence i just don’t like it

  2. OMG this is perfect. The look on your face in the video: on point. Totally matches how I was feeling when I tried to swatch one recent purchase last night…the experience was horrifying. I am never purchasing nail polish from PacSun ever again.

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