Dollish Polish “Walker Bait”

IMG_7642I have another limited edition Halloween polish for you guys today! I warned you that there was going to be a little bit of a Halloween post spam coming your way, but this one I had to rush to get to you guys!  This shade is a limited edition polish that is only available until The Walking Dead season 4 premieres on AMC, which is THIS Sunday!IMG_7643

I am a MASSIVE Walking Dead fan! I watched the show from the premiere of the very first episode.  We are preparing a Walking Dead party for this Sunday, followed by a healthy dose of the Talking Dead.  I went as a walker for Halloween 2 years ago and have worn zombie themed manicures for the last 3 premieres and mid-season premieres.  So when an indie polish maker came out with a polish centered around The Walking Dead premiere, I was all about that! I even set an alarm on my phone to ensure that I snagged a bottle.

IMG_7646Dollish Polish “Walker Bait” is an olive green linear holographic! Oh-Em-Gee (and yes I typed that out!) this polish is amazing! An olive green holographic?!?  Was this polish made with me in mind?!?  In the bottle there is also a slight duochrome shift to an orange, which subtly translates to the nails.  But I can only see the color shift at extreme angles and I couldn’t capture it on camera.  The holographic isn’t as intense as others that I own, but its there and definitely sings in the sunlight!

IMG_7644The formula on this polish was great! This is just 2 coats and it basically applies itself.  The first coat went on a little sheer but it covered my nails completely on the second coat.  The dry time was good and the consistency was nice and smooth.  Honestly, this polish is amazing! And even if you aren’t a Walking Dead fan this is a polish that is beautiful for all seasons!

Walker Bait is only available until Sunday so if you want to get your hands on this, act now! That is why I had this polish jump ahead in the line of Halloween polishes because I think you all need to have this one!

You can get this at the Dollish Polish shop! And check out Dollish Polish on Facebook if you haven’t already!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite TV shows?

8 thoughts on “Dollish Polish “Walker Bait”

  1. I quit watching a while back when they killed off another character that I liked. Zombies aren’t really my thing, anyway, and it’s just as well because I have to work on Sunday night! That said, I ordered this polish just the same (and also a mini of Deadly Nightshade for good measure) – it’s my first Dollish Polish order, so I’m excited!

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