Cult Classics?! Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

cult_classics_logo2Welcome to my next edition of ” Cult Classics!?”  “Cult Classic” products, in my eyes, are products that are reached this higher level of hype either online or in real life.  Everyone knows those products that everyone and their sister seems to rave about.  I bet you can think of a few of those products right now,  that have been around for a while and girls have repeatedly purchased or have labeled them as “holy grail” products.

In this series, I’m testing out these products that everyone seems to rave about and see if they really live up to the hype! I want to find out for myself, and for you guys, if they really deserve the “Cult Classic” title.  Up next … Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey!

IMG_7508This lipstick has gained a special type of notoriety.  Not only do I hear about it all the time, but it has been labelled as every girls perfect lipstick! The claim is that this lipstick seems to mix with your natural lip color and create a darker lip that is flattering on everyone, appropriate for every season and event, and completely wearable.

So how does this lipstick measure up? Is this really the “perfect” lipstick? Let’s check it out …

IMG_7509First off … check out this packaging!  This is so slick and gorgeous.  I absolutely love the long skinny lipstick in a half-matte silver case and half-shiny.  I is also light considering the metal packaging.

IMG_7510This lipstick looks really scary in the tube.  Perhaps that is why I’ve never tried this lipstick out until now.  In the tube it looks almost black! And with a name like Black Honey, I was scared this thing was going to make me look like I did in highschool (with a nod to my wanna-be punk days).

IMG_7511But as you can see, this lipstick is incredible sheer.  I guess that’s where the name “Almost Lipstick” comes in.  This is more like a Revlon Lip Butter, except not as slippery feeling on the lips.

IMG_7651 What I like: I love the color! This is with a few swipes over my lips.  I can just do one swipe and have a slight color to my lips, or I can build it up and have a more intense berry color.  This gives me that “my lips are a little swollen” red color, which reminds me of snow white for some reason.  Snow white had red lips naturally, and that’s what I think this lipstick does!

What I don’t like: the longevity.  This color doesn’t really stay long on my lips at all.  I would say I get about 2 hours worth of wear.  And while I love the color and how it looks, I think you might be able to find something similar in a tinted lip balm, such as the Burt’s Bee’s berry colored one.  Since you may be able to find something similar, its hard to justify the price.

Overall, I love this but think it may be dupe-able! I love the color, I love the look it gives and I love the feeling on my lips.  But seeing as it was $15 when I think you may be able to find something similar at the drugstore, I may not repurchase.

Final Verdict: yes I would label this a cult classic because I love how this looks.  I can see this being amazing on every skin tone and really living up to the claim of being every woman’s perfect dark lip.  I basically gives a little bit of a tint, but still lets your natural color shine through.  But it is hard to justify the price.

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this?

11 thoughts on “Cult Classics?! Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

  1. Yes, I absolutely love it! I agree it doesn’t last the longest, but that doesn’t really bother me because its so easy to reapply. Let me know if you find a dupe! x

  2. Yes, this lipstick looks really scary in the tube! I’m glad I kept reading your post to see how it looks on you – very nice! 🙂

  3. I wear this “almost lipstick” all the time. It is my go-to when I wear a minimal eye!
    I do agree that it does not last very long but my trick for that is to dry my lip. I apply a waxy balm to my lips before blotting it off. I add a lip liner and the color stays put a little longer.

    I recently decided to try the new “Black Honey” eye-shadow too. I was a little nervous because red colors make me look sick but it is absolutely gorgeous! It really does look good on everyone as well!

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