Halloween Nail Tutorial! Back From The Grave Nails!

Sadly, I have blogged about all of my new Halloween nail polishes this year! Fear not, I have a hefty dose of Halloween Nail Spam to come that is filled with polishes that were released in previous years.  I figured I would show you guys another new Halloween nail thing to round out my marathon of Halloween inspired posts.  

I put this video up on my channel last week so please let me know if you’ve tried this manicure!  And I have to give special thanks to Jenn from PolishedPR who came up with the name of this nail tutorial! If you guys haven’t checked her out, she is a total sweetheart and deserves so much more love!

Polishes used in the video:
OPI “My Boyfriend Scales Walls”
Zoya “Raven”
OPI “Quarter of a Cent Cherry”
Julep Matte Top Coat

Hope you guys like this! 

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