A England “Briarwood”

IMG_7477Happy Tuesday!  I got home from a little mini vacation late Sunday night and just now am feeling like a normal person again.  My mom, one of her friends, and I went down to North Carolina to scope out some places for my mom to move and to visit a really good family friend.  I did probably 32 hours worth of driving over 4 days and came home to a full week of work and school!

IMG_7485This post is a little picture heavy!  Just warning you.  Because I could not capture the beauty of this polish in just a 2 or 3 pictures.  This polish is so complex and gorgeous that I hope that you don’t mind for the excess of photos.IMG_7475A England “Briarwood” is a dark red duochrome that shifts from a rich deep red to a dark chocolate brown.  Not only is this a strong duochrome, but it has a scattered holographic too!  I don’t know if my pictures even do this polish justice!

IMG_7478A friend of mine on YouTube and Instagram said that this polish looks like a chocolate covered cherry and she hit the nail right on the head!  The formula on this was absolutely perfect.  This is just 1 coat! Granted its a little bit of a thicker coat, but still just 1 coat! If you like to do thin coats it would probably take 2.  It dried really quickly too!

IMG_7479Honestly this is the perfect polish! I can’t get enough and want to put it right back on my nails!  If you don’t have an A England polish, this would the perfect one to introduce yourself to the brand.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite A England polishes?


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