Ulta Lip Crayon Review!

IMG_7501Confession time … I have a little bit of an obsession with lip products at the moment! I’ve purchased a ton in the last month and a half, this one included.  Whenever I go into Ulta, I always check out their clearance shelves.  I have found some amazing limited edition nail polishes and some great makeup products that I never would have tried.  Case in point, this lip crayon!

IMG_7503I was a little bit nervous to try this because it didn’t seem like a color that would look good on me and I had never tried any lip products from the Ulta brand before.  But I figured for $1.99 on clearance, it was worth the slurge.

IMG_7504Muse is a brick red sheer lip crayon.  I was a little nervous that it would be waxy feeling, judging from the way that the product looked but its much smoother and more creamy than I expected.  The cap fits on nicely and its a traditional crayon that requires a sharpener.  The swatch above is about 4 swipes across my hand.

IMG_7652This is 2 swipes on the top and bottom of each lip

What I like: The color! I was so scared that this brick red wouldn’t look good on me at all, but because its so sheer it basically gives me a light tomato red color.  I also love how this feels on my lips.  It goes on so smooth but then dries really quickly.  Once it dries it feels like there is nothing on my lips.  It isn’t drying, although it dries matte.

What I don’t like: This doesn’t stay on very long.  I don’t know if its because it is sheer and doesn’t give me a ton of color, but it seems like it only stays on my lips for about 2 hours or so.

Overall, I really really like this! I guess it goes to show that clearance doesn’t necessarily mean bad.  Since it was just $1.99 I don’t mind putting it in my pocket and continuing to reapply it all day.  I really want to try more of these now!

Grade: A

What do you guys think? What are your favorite lip products right now?

8 thoughts on “Ulta Lip Crayon Review!

    • aww thanks kallie! i love the clearance racks too just because they force me to get out of my box. on a side note, i used this crayon to do your scarecrow tutorial for halloween! thanks so much for that!

  1. I love the Ulta brand makeup. It’s a great price for a decent product. I think it’s a great way to “try on” a look without having to commit to high priced makeup.


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