Picture Polish “Mask-a-rade”

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IMG_7766Happy Picture Polish Thursday!  Today is my last Picture Polish Thursday too.  Its a little bitter-sweet.  I really looked forward to these posts every week.  I purposely didn’t try on the 9 polishes in advance and waited until Tuesday or Wednesday to try them on.  I really wanted to enjoy these past 9 weeks because Picture Polish was the first big brand to ever send me polish to review.

IMG_7763I tried out a great variety of shades.  And if you want to see all my previous posts you can check them out here:  “Flirt,” “Mellow Yellow,” “Whimsy,” “Vegas,” Ozotic 744, “Focus,” “Sea Jewel” and “Shy Violet.” Wow just typing that it it seems like a lot!

IMG_7773And I think I saved the best of the 9 for last.  This has been a lemming of mine for probably 2 years, ever since I first heard about Picture Polish! I’ve wanted this for the longest time, and go figure I finally get my hands on it at the same time its being discontinued! So if you like this polish, run and go get it!

IMG_7770Picture Polish “Mask-a-rade” is a sheer glitter topper that is a basically every color under the sun! The glitters are so small and the formula is thin enough that it basically makes the polish look like a dark rainbow on your nails.  And this isn’t just a glitter, but it turns your manicure into a multi-chrome! I can’t even describe how cool this polish is so I hope my pictures show all the cool colors!

IMG_7772A macro-shot kind of shows how amazing this is! This is 2 coats over OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark.”  The formula on this polish amazing.  Even though this is just a topper, it dries really quickly and goes on really smooth.  And it goes on really evenly, which is nice for a glitter topper.  Can you tell I’m in love?

IMG_7768What do you guys think? What are your favorite glitter toppers?

Check out the Picture Polish website for all the colors! Plus, for all of you who aren’t in Australia, they’re shipping page for rates! You can also like theirFacebook, follow on TwitterPinterest and Instagram!  (hint hint, picture polish sent me this amazing shade because of Instagram, so get on that!)

Disclosure: products in this post were provided by the manufacturer, their PR firm or retailer for my review.  All opinions are my own.


10 thoughts on “Picture Polish “Mask-a-rade”

    • this would look so awesome on you! i found another post on this polish from a nail blogger who put it over pink and it was just as gorgeous. i dont know if you’re into nails that much but this would be great on you

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