Nail Foils!

IMG_7518I’m so sorry for my lack of posts this week!  Being back at work and back from a mini road trip threw my entire schedule out of whack.  And right now I’m dog sitting for my mom for a few days, so I’m not even at home!  I can’t wait to get back into my routine!

IMG_7519Today I am showing off my nail foils! I was totally obsessed with these over the summer and just looking at the pictures makes me want to experiment again. 

If you aren’t familiar with nail foils, they are strips of foil-like material that has a colorful foil on one side and gray matte texture on the other side.  They come in so many colors and patterns that you can go absolutely wild with the combinations!

IMG_7520Here is how you use them:

  • Cut off a small square of foil
  • Place the square over a DRY manicure! It must be dry and WITHOUT a top coat! 
  • Press the gray matte side down on your nail and lift up! The foil should neatly transfer
  • After you’re all done, you can leave the manicure alone or top coat it. Warning: if you use a top coat, do as little swipes as possible, because the top coat dulls the foil and removes color sometimes

And here are the results!







I got my pack of 12 off Amazon for about $5 (it was $8 with shipping).  I couldn’t find the exact seller since I purchased them so long ago, but if you just type in nail foils in the search bar then you should find some easily.

What do you guys think? Which is your favorite combination? Have you ever tried these?


18 thoughts on “Nail Foils!

    • let me know how you like them! i haven’t use them in a while and need to bust them back out for thanksgiving. i keep thinking how cool the gold and red would look over a copper polish. thanks for commenting!

    • nope, no glue! i have read that others need to use glue, but i found that just applying it over dry polish (without a top coat) works great and doesn’t come off. but i bet glue would make the manicure last forever! thanks for commenting!

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