Models Own “Indian Ocean”

IMG_7400I feel almost guilty showing you guys this polish today because tomorrow is Halloween and the current nails that I’m sporting are in full horror-glory.  But that post will be a future post!  And I feel bad showing you guys this polish because this was a huge lemming for me! I think you can find this on certain nail e-tailers, but I was never lucky enough to get my hands on it … until an angel named Judi, MiddleAgedBeautyQueen, sent this to me!

IMG_7402Models Own “Indian Ocean” is a sheer baby blue duochrome that shimmers from baby blue to pink and gold! I’ve wanted this polish ever since I saw swatches on Scrangie’s blog!  Last August, Judi and I had a little impromptu mini swap and she included this in the package!  And I immediately put it on.

These swatches are a little old, as my nails aren’t as long as they once were, but I figured that doesn’t take away from the amazing beauty of this polish!  Just look at that pink flash!  This polish reminds me of a fun baby shower where you don’t know the sex of the baby! The blue and pink means you’ve got both bases covered.

IMG_7401The formula on this polish was really nice but very sheer.  I wore this polish 3 different times but only took photos of this manicure.  I wore it on its own, which took 4-5 coats to be opaque.  I wore it over a navy, which gave a cool pink duochrome in 1 coat (but didn’t show the blue very well).  Then I tried it over white and found that the true color of the polish really sung over white!  This is 2 coats over 2 coats of OPI “My Boyfriend Scales Walls.”  And it shows the strong color shift!  This polish dries quickly and applies really nicely as well!  I absolutely love this polish and think this will be a spring and summer staple!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite duochromes?

22 thoughts on “Models Own “Indian Ocean”

    • i have to get models own online, which sucks. but all of the models own colors i have are really nice quality. they had a whole line of polishes just like this one, where they’re multitonal. if you find any let me know!

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