Deborah Lippmann “Rolling in the Deep”

IMG_7465I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever! I guess a little update is in order … The last 3 weeks have been a little bit hectic.  I went to go North Carolina with my mom for 4 days, which put me a little behind blogging.  The next week I was dog sitting at my moms house and forgot to upload more photos to post.  Then this past week I had a huge test and spent the majority of my free time studying.  I finally took the test on Saturday and … well … I celebrated.

So I’m late on responding to comments and I’ve really been lacking on posts! So as a result, I have enough posts ready to go to last me for about 2 months! That’s what happens when you shop a lot and blog a little.  So be prepared for an onslaught of posts from me!

First up … a new fall color!  Even though many of my fellow bloggers have already moved on to holiday manicures …

IMG_7469Deborah Lippmann “Rolling in the Deep” is a dark navy jelly with silver microglitter.  The silver glitter is virtually nonexistent once on the nail, but its more apparent in the bottle.  In other people’s swatches, the glitter was more apparent as well, which is what convinced me to buy it! So I was a little bummed that it didn’t really show up on the nail.

IMG_7468The formula on this polish was really nice!  Since its a jelly it took 3 coats to become opaque, but its super shiny and really deep on the nail.  Even though its deep, it still looks navy in every light rather than being so dark that it looks black.  The dry time is average and the consistency is really nice.  Overall, its a really nice polish and I’m already getting some fun holiday jelly sandwich manicure ideas!

What do you think? What are your favorite navy polishes?


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