HUGE Nail Polish Haul!! Indies, Zoya, OPI and MORE!

I’m a little behind on posting my videos on my blog! So here is a video I posted a few weeks ago and will give you guys a little insight into some of the polish reviews to come!

And embarrassingly enough, I have another haul coming up within the next week or 2!

Polishes mentioned in the video:
– zoya “tomoko”
– zoya “carter”
– zoya “chita”
– opi “alcatraz rocks”
– laura mercier “bewitched”
– essence “miss universe”
– china glaze “howl you doing”
– china glaze “bat my eyes”
– china glaze “fang-tastic”
– sally hansen “midnight glitz”
– sally hansen “twinkle toes-ty”
– spy princess nail lacquer “high society”
– spy princess nail lacquer “cypher”
– i love nail polish “cygnus loop”
– black cat lacquer “poison apple”
– dollish polish “walker bait”
– dollish polish “yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me”

Hope you guys enjoy!

13 thoughts on “HUGE Nail Polish Haul!! Indies, Zoya, OPI and MORE!

  1. Zoya is good right? I have been trying to move to the “vegan” nail polishes and using Sparitual on my toes for a few months and my feeling is that it wears off super fast. It also goes on pretty thin…Should I try Zoya? Thanks!

    • zoya is amazing in my opinion! i am a little biased because zoya is a local company, i like 10 minutes away from their headquarters, so zoya is everywhere around me lol. but it is a really nice brand with some great polishes. right now i’m loving dream, blaze, storm and payton if you’re looking for cool colors to try

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