Zoya “Carter”

IMG_7885Happy Monday! I’m heading into the final stretch of school and I’m starting to feel every ounce of stress that has been building since August.  I have 2 papers and four finals in the next 3 weeks and I’ve never felt so unprepared.  So in the next few weeks I’m planning on pre-writing a lot of posts so you guys won’t be without reviews of some new holiday polishes and makeup!

In the mean time, I have another polish from the fall that I finally got around to wearing just last week!

IMG_7884Zoya “Carter” is a medium toned purple pixie dust with pink microglitter.  I knew I had to have this polish the second I saw swatches online!  It is so gorgeous and so girly.  And for some reason, the darker purple textured polish seems more edgy than your regular purple and pink glitter!

IMG_7881The formula is ok.  This is similar to a lot of other pixie dusts, meaning a little on the sheer side and takes forever to dry.  This is 2 thick coats, but you may need to do 3 thin coats.  And it took about 45 minutes to fully dry.  But once this thing is dry, it is like cement and it won’t go anywhere! These photographs were taken on day 4! And there is no tip wear! I love the pixie dusts for that very reason.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite textured polishes?

5 thoughts on “Zoya “Carter”

  1. Uuuuuuuui this is PRETTY (she said in her extra american voice!) 😉 I recently got my very first Zoya nail polish for my bday and from the name it should be actually the same one – it’s in Carter.
    But mine for some reason looks more burgundy fucsia purple than yours, which on these pics is like more lavender. Does it make sense? Here i tweeted a pic:

    I can’t wait to try mine. Maybe when i swatch it it’s gonna look different than in a bottle.

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