L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara Review!

IMG_7989Have I ever mentioned that mascara reviews are my favorite post to write? I am a huge mascara junkie! There are only 3 things that I will not leave the house without wearing … nail polish, perfume and mascara.  I spend more time on my mascara every morning than anything else.   And I wear a lot of mascara!

IMG_7990I’m constantly on the hunt for the another amazing mascara.  I have heard through the grape vine, and through many blogs and YouTube videos, that this mascara is phenomenal.  So I had to try it out for myself!

IMG_7991The brush is a very small plastic brush, with very shallow and little bristles. The packaging of this mascara is … annoying. The opening is very small, which means that it removes the excess mascara and prevents a lot of air getting into the tube, but it also means that its really hard to get the brush inside the tube.  The result was me putting a crease in the brush because I constantly have to jam the wand back in.

IMG_7715Nakey lashes

IMG_7717What I like: I like the length that this mascara gives and I like how black it makes my lashes. That’s about it.

What I dislike: This is going to be a long one.  First up, this mascara is one of the clumpiest mascaras I’ve EVER used.  Some people may like the spiky look to lashes, but I don’t like having 5 eyelashes.  I hate the wand and I hate the packaging.  The wand is really want makes my lashes clump together because the bristles are so small.  This mascara smudges on me like crazy as well.  And then it also flakes on me too.

Overall, I hate this.  I can’t even say one nice thing because I almost didn’t finish this.  It was a flaky, smudgy, clump mess that was a nightmare to apply.  I’m sorry you are one of those girls who really likes this mascara, but it didn’t work on my lashes at all.

Grade: F

Price: $7.99


10 thoughts on “L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara Review!

    • sorry this reply is coming to you sooo late! now that finals are over i can finally tackle my blog. it depends on what you’re looking for with your mascara, like if you prefer a natural look, more length or more volume. i personally like length and volume, so i really like cover girl lash blast and the armani eyes to kill. i’m using jordana best last extreme volume right now and thats really nice too. i hope this helps!

      • i posted about wanting to go pointy and everyone commented DO IT… the peer pressure got to me! it felt like such a big leap before I did it… but now I realize that it wasn’t a biggy. just do it if you wanna!

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