Hey everyone! It has been over two weeks since my last post. I don’t think I’ve ever had that big of an absence from my blog! If you follow my on YouTube or Instagram, then you know that I had finals.  I’m in my 3rd year of law school and just 7 months away from taking the bar exam.  I have mini panic attacks whenever I think about the bar exam, but I had to first get through this semester.

This semester was a rough one for me because it was the first time that I had a job while attending law school.  I worked full time during undergrad so I assumed that I would be able to juggle work and school without a problem, but I found that my blog took the biggest hit as I was trying to stay on top of everything.  Once finals time started to get closer I realized just how far behind I was.

I had an entire semester to work on two final papers and study for four exams, and reality set in the week before Thanksgiving that I hadn’t done a thing! So I apologize, but my blog took a major back seat.  My finals are officially over (I turned in my last final at 6:45am this morning) and I am MAJORLY backed up on posts!

Prepare yourself guys because you’ll be getting a lot of posts from me in the near future, I may be spamming your inboxes (#sorrynotsorry).  I have a ton of makeup posts prepared as well as swatches of holiday collections, so look forward to a lot of nail polish in your future! Thanks for being patient with me and know that I love all your beautiful faces!

11 thoughts on “I’m BACK!

  1. Wow you go to law school? That’s awesome how long do you have left? I’ve been watching your YouTube videos 🙂

      • Wow 7 years?!! That’s so long! What are you studying? I just need to sort out my lighting & camera for making videos. What do you use? Do you use a camera with a view finder?

      • Oh never mind haha, that’s right you’re studying law. But still, 7 years is so long! Law isn’t a 7 yr degree here.

      • yeah i think law everywhere besides america is not a 7 year degree. lawyers here have to go to school almost as long as doctors. doctors have 8 years and we have 7. and for camera and lighting, i use regular lights but have outdoor bulbs in them. so nothing special for the lighting and nothing expensive. my camera for filming is a canon rebel t3i. its amazing, but doesn’t have autofocus once it starts recording. so it will focus before you hit record, but not after which just means i have more work to do when it comes to filming close ups

      • Wow that’s so crazy! Thanks 🙂 I just need to sort out my camera & lighting before I start making videos 🙂

  2. I’m glad you are back! Don’t start worrying now about the bar exam, you’ll manage!!! ❤
    Law school sounds interesting but hard!!! Out of curiosity..do you watch Suits? I'va always wanted to ask lawyers (or soon-to-be ones) if that's the real life, haha! 😉

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