Sally Hansen “Twinkle Toes-ty”

IMG_7962Have I mentioned how much I love glitter? No? Well, in case you haven’t noticed from the ridiculous amount of glitter I blog about, I love glitter.  I’ve always had a soft spot for all things sparkly, so when I came across the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Bling in the New Year collection, my heart did a little flutter that only rainbow sparkles in grocery store lighting can make it do.  Thanks to an awesome manufacturers coupon attached to the display, I bought 2 of these gorgeous glitters.

IMG_7965Sally Hansen “Twinkle Toes-ty” is a rose gold holographic chunky glitter and rose gold micrglitter in a clear base.  This polish is so pretty and sparkly that I knew that I had to layer it over another rose gold polish to get that uber tacky, rainbow foil effect on my nails.  This is 2 coats over Orly “Rage.”

IMG_7964I had to get a blurry picture so you could see how much it sparkled! This formula wasn’t as great as dense as I wanted it to be tho.  It is a more sheer glitter, so it really can only be used as a topper.  It is a little thick and I did have to do some dabbing to get the effect I wanted.  But the effect didn’t disappoint.

What do you guys think? Did any of you guys pick up anything from the Bling in the New Year collection?

18 thoughts on “Sally Hansen “Twinkle Toes-ty”

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  2. Pretty!! I just got this polish and steal your mani idea for my belly dance show this weekend. Why do you like DL’s Glitter and Be Gay better than this one? Just curious.

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