Zoya “Dream”

IMG_8001Happy Monday! I spent my first Monday of winter break responding to comments on my blog, YouTube channels, and Instagram.  I’m almost caught up finally, which is an awesome feeling because I really love interacting with all of you.  And, I’m in the thick of my holiday polish marathon. So I decided it was time to show you one of the new Zoya shades from the Zenith collection.

IMG_8002Zoya “Dream” is a dark cerulean blue polish with a ton of scattered holographic shimmers.  It is so gorgeous! In an effort to be totally cheesy, its like a deep dark swimming pool that shimmers in the sunlight.  The polish has so much depth and really shines in all different lights.  I absolutely love this color and its the same finish as three of the polishes from the Ornate collection last year.

IMG_8000The formula on this polish was, for lack of a better word and because I walk into every pun, a dream to work with! This is just 2 coats and it has almost a jelly like look to it.  It has the perfect consistency has dries really quickly.  If you’re new to Zoya, and you’re looking for a polish to try, this one should be at the top of your list!

What do you guys think? Did you pick up anything from the Zenith collection?

9 thoughts on “Zoya “Dream”

  1. I’m still regretting a bit that I passed up the Black Friday special, which I think would have included the whole collection. I just couldn’t quite bring myself to spend the money, though. This and the green (Cassedy?) are the ones I most covet, in any case.

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