OPI “Ginger Bells”

IMG_7973Sorry for my lack of posts the past few days.  Christmas with my family is always a marathon. Christmas Eve with my Dad, Christmas Day with my mom and then my fiance’s family mixed in somewhere in between.  And in the midst of all of this holiday craziness, I had the worst break on my swatching hand in probably years. So I’m taking a break from nail polish for a while and letting my nails grow back.

But in the mean time, I have a ton of swatches on my computer to get through.  Swatches like this lemming of mine that I found at the OPI booth at IMATS back in November.

IMG_7976OPI “Ginger Bells” came out in the Holiday Wishes collection way back in 2009! It isn’t the same as “OPI and Apple Pie” which is one of the hardest to find OPI polishes, but its pretty close! And a polish that is totally unique in my collection.  This reminds me of gingerbread men! It is a very warm orange toned brown and so gorgeous and shiny!

IMG_7974The formula on this polish was similar to other OPI cremes.  OPI cremes, in my opinion, are slightly more runny that your average creme from other brands.  And the wider brush sometimes means that I get my cuticles flooded. But its such a gorgeous color, I can forgive it for being on the thin side.  It was completely opaque in 2 coats and dried really quickly! I’m so in love with this polish and so glad that I found it!

What do you guys think? What are your lemmings?

3 thoughts on “OPI “Ginger Bells”

  1. I find Ginger Bells does have a thinner formula than a lot of polishes (including a lot of OPIs) but personally I love the squishy caramel colour at the end of it. I was lucky to get this polish from Nail Sale one day, I hadn’t heard of it or seen swatches but it looked alright. When it arrived I was wowed. Hope your nails grow back quick and strong and you had a good festive season and new year!

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