Zoya “Payton”

IMG_8034Hello everyone! I have a little confession to make … I am in Mexico (or on the plane going to Mexico) as you are reading this! I am going to Mexico for a week for a family vacation so I am prewriting some blog posts that will go live as I am laying on a beach.  I just finished writing my New Years resolution blog post and I don’t want to start the new year off with me being absent from my blog and channels for over a week.  So along with packing, I’m writing a ton of posts.

And since I was a bad blogger prior to the holidays, I still have some holiday polishes to show you guys. Up first is a dark vampy shade from Zoya that is PERFECT for the winter months.

IMG_8036Zoya “Payton” is a dark purple with red undertones with a scattered holographic.  It is so gorgeous and kind of what I was waiting for after the 3 scattered holos from last year’s Ornate collection.  This polish glows in the lights and almost gives off a burgundy shade in some lights that makes it look so vampy and sexy!

IMG_8035The formula on this polish is spot on! It was completely opaque in 2 coats and applied like a dream.  Zoya definitely does these polishes so well! It dried really fast and didn’t stain my nails at all.  I am absolutely in love and feel like this polish will be a winter staple.

What do you guys think? Did you pick up any from the Zenith collection?

11 thoughts on “Zoya “Payton”

  1. Just purchased this color through Zoya’s site…they have their pick 3 colors, enter a code and only pay $12 shipping/processing. I have been dying to try this color….can’t wait to get it!! Thanks for sharing!!! Hope you are having a blast on vaca!!!

  2. You picked the PERFECT time to leave, Holly! I was thinking of you when I was trapped in my house for three days due to the nice storm that rolled through the Midwest. 🙂 Hope you’re having fun!

    • oh man i heard how awful it was! i couldn’t even imagine. everyone told me that everything was closed because it was just too dangerous outside. i’m glad you’re doing ok and i hope your dogs and cats survived the polar vortex fairly well too!

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