OCC Lip Tars in Harlot and Strumpet!

I absolutely love OCC lip tars.  Well, that is a strong statement to make since I only had 1 before I picked up these 2 at IMATS Toronto, but I really loved that lip product all summer.  So I really wanted to pick up some darker shades for Fall and Winter. Another huge plus to OCC Lip Tars is that you can mix them to create your own unique shade. IMG_7940

From OCC:

A liquid matte lipstick with unparalleled pigment intensity and wear time.Only the smallest amount is needed for opaque coverage. LIP TAR: MATTE™ comes packaged in a convenient vinyl-carrying case and travel-sized version of the #010 Precision Lip Brush.
Contains Organic Hemp Oil & Soy-Derived Vitamin E, for a finish that feels as good as it looks!
Paraben-Free courtesy of refreshing Peppermint Oil. 100% Vegan & Gluten-Free,

With 35 different colors in the matte formula (which these are apart of) and even more in the Metallics and Stained Glass line, you have endless lip color possibilities.  I grabbed Strumpet and Harlot since they seemed pretty versatile!



IMG_7943Strumpet (left), Harlot (right)

IMG_7944Strumpet (left), Harlot (right), both of them mixed together on the bottom

IMG_8227Strumpet is described as a “Seedless Grape Red.” Personally I think this is closer to a magenta than a grape, or a red, but it is a gorgeous color! I really gravitate towards shades like these because I think they go great with my skin tone and eye color.  My signature bold lip is exactly this color! So this is getting a lot of good use.

IMG_7967Harlot is described as a “Neon Popsicle Red.”   I would totally agree with that, based on the pictures above! My lip swatch doesn’t really show that, because I didn’t put a thick enough coat of this on.  As a stain, kind of as I’m wearing it now, it looks like I was eating a cherry Popsicle.  If I wear it a little more heavily, it really is neon! This is one bright tomato red!

I really like both of these colors, but one thing I will say with OCC Lip Tars is that you have to be careful how much you apply.  I have been the victim many times of putting too much product on my lips, and these definitely bleed. And these 2 colors stain, so once they bleed you kind of have stained fine lines outside your natural lip line (not a sexy look!).  But be careful and these are amazing! You get about 3-4 hours of wear with these, unless you set them with a translucent powder.  I absolutely love these, and want so many more shades. And since you need such a small amount, these will last you a lifetime.

What do you guys think? Do you have any Lip Tars?

15 thoughts on “OCC Lip Tars in Harlot and Strumpet!

  1. Those are both gorgeous, but Strumpet is amazing on you! So pretty! I don’t have any lip tars, but I have come close to picking one up once or twice. I’m always afraid that they’re too drying, but I guess I’ll never know until I try – lol! ♥

    • aww thank you! they’re not really drying but be careful how much you apply. i like to apply them sheer and then set them with a translucent powder. its more drying that way but they stay a lot better

  2. I’ve been very curious about them, but don’t think I have the skills or patience to dig in just yet. Someday, maybe….lol

    • you should try them someday! i tried my first one over the summer and it was a pinky-nude and it was gorgeous. i like to apply them sheer and then set them with a translucent powder. its more drying that way but they last a lot longer

  3. I love love love lip tars. I picked up the pencil in trick and paired it with the new spring collection lip tar in Hollywood to create the perfect nude lip! Its gorgeous! I also picked up Pleasure Model from the same collection and Black Dahlia & Trollop. Guess you can tell I love them, right? Haha. P.S. NSFW feathers too but I use Urban Decay Ozone (the clear lip liner), works like a charm! Not more feathering!

    • i saw that on instagram! it looked like the best pairing. i will definitely have to try that out! i’ll have to check out the urban decay ozone too because i’ve been looking for a clear lip liner. right now i’m using a beige one and it distorts the color a little. and trollop is next on my list!

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