Too Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb Review!

IMG_7837Are you guys sick of lip crayons yet? When I was preparing to write this review, I went into my makeup stash and wanted to pull this out and wear it while I type.  Funny thing was, I couldn’t find it among my zillions of crayon style of lip products.  It got lost amongst my Revlon Just Bitten Stains and Balms and Lipsurgences, and I literally had to pull each one out to find this one.  I think I have a makeup problem, and I need to do another purge!

IMG_7838But this crayon is a little different than all the other lip products because it is a revamp of Too Faced famous lip injection lip gloss.  In case some of you haven’t tried the Lip Injection gloss, it is a lip plumping gloss that has some serious plumping power! It is almost painful for the first couple minutes you’re wearing it but it does give your lips a much fuller appearance, almost like you were stung by a bee on my lips or you’re having an allergic reaction.

This has the same effect, but now it is a stick form and comes in 6 colors! I picked up the nude shade called “Never Enough Nude” because Too Faced totally got it right, you can never have enough nude.

IMG_7839From Too Faced:

Go big and go bold. We added an explosion of satin color to our lip plumper, so lips come alive with more color, volume (up to 20%!) and softness. Natural botanicals smooth and moisturize for extra kissability. It’s no wonder our lip plumper—one of the industry’s first—is still such a best-seller.

IMG_7840The color is a warm peachy nude color and the packaging is a traditional twist up packaging.  Like all the other lip crayons on the market, the color of the packaging corresponds with the color of the product.

IMG_7841What I like: I love the color! I think that peachy nudes look flattering with my skin tone, rather than a beige nude.  I also love the feeling of the product on my lips. I’m not talking about the plumping feeling, even though it does feel kind of cool once the intensity dies down a little.  I’m referring to the feeling on my lips when I rub them together or when I talk.  It feels like a thick lip balm! It doesn’t feel greasy or sticky, just feels like a nice hydrating lip balm that won’t slide right off my lips.

What I don’t like: I like the plumping feeling after a little while but the first hit of it is intense! It is almost painful how intense the plumping feeling is when you first apply it.  So be prepared for an intense numbing, tingling feeling!  And while I love the color, the wear is only about 2-3 hours and it doesn’t wear that evenly.

Overall, this is such a cool product but I don’t know if I’ll be buying any more. I don’t reach for it as often as I would like to because I have the nude Revlon matte balm, which looks similar and doesn’t have as intense of a feeling on my lips. But I do really like it! So if you’re in the market for a lip plumper with good pigmentation, I would suggest this or any of the other 5 shades!

Grade: B+

Price: $21.00

What do you guys think? Do you have any of these products?

3 thoughts on “Too Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb Review!

  1. This product I find Is very creamy and easy to apply. I have this product in the color bee sting which is the exact same color as my lips. The color pay off is good and the lip plumper does work to make your lips full. I find that it did hurt for a while but it did eventually go away. Overall I do enjoy this product, I do wish that it didn’t hurt Ad much as it did.

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