Top 10 Nail Polishes for Winter!

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! I put this video up last week and decided that I needed to post it here as well, since you’ll probably be seeing a lot of shades that are similar gracing the pages of this blog. These are all of my favorite polishes for the time of grey skies, bitter wind, icicles and endless snow.

I hope you enjoy and what are your favorite shades for winter?

Polishes mentioned in the video:

1. Black and Black with glitter
– hare polish “midsummer’s midnight”
– zoya “storm”
– revlon “black lingerie”

2. So dark they’re basically black
– julep “elizabeth”
– zoya “cynthia”
– opi “lincoln park after dark”

3. Gray
– opi “suzi skis in the pyrenes”
– pop beauty “foggy”
– sally hansen “wet cement”

4. Icy Blue Grays
– illamasqua “raindrops”
– butter london “lady muck”
– sephora by opi “just a fairy tale”

5. Sheer whites
– picture polish “white wedding”
– china glaze “Dandy lyin’ around”
– essence “top of the ice stream”

6. Nudes
– butter london “all hail the queen”
– deborah lippmann “naked”
– dollish polish “squirrell!!”

7. Rose toned Neutrals
– china glaze “dress me up”
– opi “tickle my france-y”
– misa “fashionista”

8. Red
– sephora by opi “mr. right now”
– zoya “blaze”
– a england “briarwood”

9. Blues
– opi “russian navy”
– china glaze “first mate”
– essie “mesmerize”

10. Trendy polishes
– opi “4 in the morning”
– opi “silent stars go by”
– candy lacquer “unicorn bubbles”

9 thoughts on “Top 10 Nail Polishes for Winter!

  1. Thanks great video. Loved the Essie. How is the formula? We both fell the same way about the formula. Don’t want to spend 8.00 on a crap bottle. Stay warm live in jersey it’s been cold here to.

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