OPI “All Sparkly and Gold”

IMG_8231Happy Monday! I am a little under the weather at the moment and haven’t really had too much energy to get online.  I got what I thought was a touch of food poisoning on Thursday, which still hasn’t passed today.  So my nails have been bare, I haven’t put makeup on, and my bed is rather lived in.  But I figured that since I have to go back to the real world tomorrow (thank god today is Presidents Day and there’s no work/school), I would try to put up another polish that I’m late posting about.

IMG_8232OPI “All Sparkly and Gold” is a neutral medium toned gold microglitter in a clear base.  Honestly, I bought this polish to include in my holiday giveaway, but couldn’t part with it! I love gold microglitters and I was so drawn to this polish because of the tarnished gold look to it.  It looks almost dirty in dim lighting, and gorgeous neutral gold in other lights.

IMG_8230The formula on this polish was really nice.  It wasn’t thick or hard to deal with, and it dried really nicely.  The only negative is that the brush tends to get a little goopy with glitters the longer you’re using it.  So by the last few fingers of the second coat, the bristles are splayed out and hard to keep glitter off your skin.  Its completely opaque in 2 coats and totally gorgeous!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite gold polishes?

8 thoughts on “OPI “All Sparkly and Gold”

  1. I LOVE this one – definitely next on my buy list! Does it end up rough like some of the OPI micro glitter ones or smooth?

  2. The weird thing is that I don’t even think gold is all that flattering on me, but I keep buying gold polishes anyway. My latest is Pahlish “Pyrite” which I haven’t even tried yet. Then I got Aldo “Gold Digger” from somebody else’s blog sale, and I bought Milani Gold Gleam on clearance after Christmas. That’s just the ones I got lately – and both those last two are totally awesome. Another one I’ve gotten fairly recently is Khroma Fairy Dust, which is a sort of a thin gold microglitter that does really good glitter fades.

    (Also, I didn’t remember when I got “Glitter All the Way” from your sale that it was actually Mardi Gras colors. I totally love that. I may wear it continuously for the next two weeks until Mardi Gras – at least as an accent nail!)

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