Sleek Blush by 3 Candy Collection Sweet Cheeks Review!

IMG_7821Sleek is one of those brands where my wishlist is about a million miles long.  Every time I go on the Sleek website, I think I put enough products in my shopping cart to equal what I pay in rent.  But one product that I’ve always wanted to try is one of the blushes. And a great way to satisfy my materialistic need of having all the blushes is buying one of the blush trios.

IMG_7822I picked up the Sweet Cheeks blush palette from the limited edition Candy Collection.  I feel kind of guilty for showing you a LE product, but I got mine off Amazon just a few months ago so you may still be able to find it. The blush palette comes with 3 blushes, 1 cream blush and 2 powder, all a gorgeous shade of candy pink.

IMG_7823One thing that I absolutely love about Sleek products is the packaging.  The packaging is … for lack of a better word … just sleek! The black matte plastic packaging is slim and sturdy and clicks closed.  And the blush palette comes with a huge mirror, just like the eye shadow palettes.  And each blush comes with a good amount of product.

IMG_7824Cupcake, Dolly Mix, Candy Floss

IMG_7825Cupcake, Dolly Mix, Candy Floss

What I like:  Ok, where do I start? I love the colors, the pigmentation, the consistency … you name it, I love it! The blushes are all nice and smooth and finely milled.  They are pigmented without being too intense where you have to be concerned with looking like a clown.  I love all three colors of pink and think they’re great for all year round.  I am just in love!

What I don’t like:  It’s hard to find something that I don’t like about this palette! The only small complaint that I have is that the powder blush gets mixed in with the cream blush and makes a little bit of a mess.  While I love having the cream and powder blushes all in one place, it is a little messy.

Overall, this isn’t helping my mile long Sleek wish list because now I want so many more colors! I want every blush trio that they have, and am scared that I might have to make a huge Sleek order in the very near future!

What do you guys think? What Sleek products do you consider “must haves?”

16 thoughts on “Sleek Blush by 3 Candy Collection Sweet Cheeks Review!

  1. I love the look of this! I think they are little too pink for my skin tone though. But I had a look on Amazon and the LE palette is still there! I had no idea about this collection so I’m glad I stumbled on to this post – might have to make a sneaky order now. Haha!

    Amy xo

  2. I have ten sleeks eye palette and a blush in rose gold which is considered a dupe of Nars Orgasm..I totally love the blush,it’s beautiful. I am still eyeing a lot of their products specially blushes and their lip colors.

  3. I freaking love sleek blushes! Probably their best product in my opinion. But their eyeshadow palettes ate pretty decent too.

  4. I love Sleek blushes and am always expanding my Sleek stash.
    You have to try their blush in Coral, it’s not actually coral (go figure), but a warm brick red. Love it!

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