Hare Polish “Bury the Hatchetfish”

Just a quick post for tonight. Back in September, I had a major swatch fest and tried all my unused polishes at the time.  It was about 20 polishes, and I’m just now getting to editing all of the ones that weren’t limited edition or fall shades.  While major swatch days help me plan ahead with my posts, they aren’t great when I don’t check my photos to see if they’re blurry *smh*.  So this gorgeous polish only gets 2 pictures, le sigh!

IMG_7608Hare Polish “Bury the Hatchetfish” is a sheer taupe jelly with a ton of blue iridescent glitters in it.  I wanted this polish so bad and it was sold out for almost a year. I picked this up over the summer when sadly, I knew I wouldn’t wear it. But I couldn’t pass it up because its the perfect work appropriate shade with a hint of glitter fun in there!

IMG_7606The formula on this polish wasn’t as amazing and I had hoped it would be.  It is really sheer and would probably work better as a topper.  This is 3 thick coats to reach full opacity.  While I think that helps give this polish a ton of depth, it makes for a long application time. The dry time is also a little on the slow side. Oh well, I still love the polish and think that the color combination is simply stunning!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite work appropriate shades?

9 thoughts on “Hare Polish “Bury the Hatchetfish”

  1. I lost my camera 😦 Looks like it’s only iPhone photos for a while. I really love this shade! All my nail polish is work appropriate, meaning, there isn’t a shade I don’t wear to work. Hahaha. I work with men and my desk hides me so no one notices my crazy nails. My favorite neutrals are: China Glaze Pelican Gray & Cream Puff and Essie Topless & Barefoot. Essie’s Pink a Boo is one of the cutest shades I have, yours reminds me of it.

    • oh no! that sucks! but i find that my iPhone takes better photos than my camera lol so i bet you’re gonna get some great shots for your blog. i can wear any shade to work too but that may not always be the case, as i need to find a new job once i graduate. i’ll have to check out essie’s pink a boo! thanks for the suggestion

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