Picture Polish “Kryptonite”

IMG_7600Confession time! These pictures were taken about 6 months ago! I know … I know … how did I wait so long to show you guys this amazing polish?  I picked this polish up last spring and it has taken me a year to blog about it!  I meant to blog about this when I bought it last year, but realized too late my swatches weren’t up to par.  So I re-swatched it and then it has been in my “Need to Edit” file ever since. With St. Patrick’s day just 3 weeks away, I’m pulling out all my favorite green polishes and thought it was finally time to showcase this amazing nail polish.

IMG_7603Picture Polish “Kryptonite” is a dark emerald green polish with a ton of scattered silver almost holographic flecks.  The holographic polish doesn’t exactly come off as rainbows on your nails like other polishes, but instead this is the emerald green version of the Zoya scattered holos.  It seriously glows on your nails and looks like crushed emeralds.

IMG_7602The formula on this polish is absolutely incredible! When I first got this, I thought it was a 1 coater.  I still think it can be a 1 coater, but it has to be a thick coat. That’s why I had to re-swatch this polish because I had just 1 coat, and there was a bald spot or 2.  This is 2 coats and its completely opaque. The consistency is perfect, not to thick, not to thin.  And the dry time is great.  I love this polish and it will definitely be gracing my digits in come days!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite green polishes?

12 thoughts on “Picture Polish “Kryptonite”

  1. Reminds me of one I just bought (you probably already own this one too!), Zoya’s Logan. Definitely excited to use that one when my fun summer OPI Brazil nails get old.

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