Hare Polish “Neon Palm”

IMG_7611Happy Friday! I should be working on my masters thesis right now but instead I’ve been watching horror movies on Netflix for most of the day.  Really productive, I know!  This blog post has been open for the last 20 minutes with about 3 words typed as I finished watching some ghost movie about twin girls who were murdered and leading another teenage girl down a path to figure out who the real killer is.  Original, I know!

My nails have definitely seen better days and I broke yet another one yesterday.  I’ve filed all of them down to nubs, but luckily I have a few swatches saved for a rainy day (or snowy in my case).

IMG_7610Hare Polish “Neon Palm” is a polish that I picked up over the summer and I thought it would be the perfect transition shade between summer and fall.  There are neon matte pink hexes and square glitter, mixed with gold hex, square and microglitters.  And all of those are suspended in a sheer greyish teal base. Definitely unique!

IMG_7612The formula on this polish is a little rough to deal with.  The formula is kind of thick, as you might have guessed from the large amount of glitter that’s in the bottle.  But its also very sheer.  This is 3 coats and in some lights you can still see the visible nail line.  Because the base is a greyish teal, I think it would be hard to find a lot of colors to wear this over.  On the bright side, its really cool looking on its own! And it dries really quickly.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite ‘odd’ combinations?

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