CND Effects “Sapphire Sparkle”

IMG_8349Happy Saturday! Today, I’m once again staying in and enjoying some straight to DVD horror movies on Netflix.  I’m finally getting out of my winter blues funk and being productive again. Just this morning alone I graded 4 article submissions for my law review, applied for 5 jobs, and began editing some swatches for my blog.  All while watching a horror movie from England about students killing teachers at their high school.

So today I’m showing you guys another polish I picked up from IMATS Toronto back in November.  This polish was a definitely impulse buy because it was in a clearance bin for just $2! CND’s are a lot more expensive than that and this one was wildly popular when it came out, so I decided to splurge and add it to my collection.

IMG_8259CND Effects “Sapphire Sparkle” is a sheer shimmer top coat that adds a vibrant blue shimmer to any polish you put it over.  I added it over top a light taupe shade and a dark blue just to show how much it can transform a polish.  It also has a slight duochrome effect and shows up bright purple in some lights.

IMG_8351The formula on this polish was really good.  Since it is just a topper, you can’t get it opaque on its own and its just meant to be worn with 1 coat over any polish.  The dry time is really nice and it really does shine without a top coat. I really like this polish and think its a good addition to my collection.  While I don’t really like shimmer finish polishes, I think it would be cool to add to a textured polish (thanks Yukie for that idea!).

What do you guys think? What are your favorite shimmer toppers?

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