China Glaze “Grass is Lime Greener”

IMG_8596Prepare your eyes! Seriously, this polish is bright! When I heard that China Glaze was releasing yet another pastel spring nail polish collection, I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes.  I swore up and down that China Glaze releases the same colors every year, which just have a fraction of a change.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this year’s City Flourish collection because there were some brights!  And some that could be considered neon!

IMG_8598China Glaze “Grass is Lime Greener” is a neon pastel light green.  Yes, I’m classifying this as neon! It is a yellow toned light green that really glows on the nails!  I don’t have anything like this color, which is why I was immediately drawn to it when I saw the display.  I even compared it to other polishes at my local Sally’s before I bought it, and it seemed so unique to every other polish in the whole store! And this has such a heavy white base, it really jumps off the nails.

IMG_8597I had read a lot about how awful the formula’s are for every polish in the entire City Flourish collection, so I was a tad scared to try this out.  I’ll report that the formula isn’t great, but once you master how to work with it it’s kind of a blessing.  It is a little thick and dries VERY quickly! If you work with it too much, you’re going to get really bad bald patches.  If you do the classic 3 stroke paint, then you’ll be fine.  It’s very opaque, but streaky so you need 2-3 coats to get it opaque.  This is 3 coats but after playing with a few other shades from the collection, I’ve mastered the application of these polishes. I absolutely love this polish and will definitely be wearing it more in the upcoming days, getting ready for St. Patrick’s day next week!

What do you guys think? Did you pick up any from the City Flourish collection?

13 thoughts on “China Glaze “Grass is Lime Greener”

  1. I ended up with three: Grass is Lime Greener, Lotus Begin, and Spring in my Step. I think they are all pretty and almost didn’t get them based on negative reviews. I think you are on target saying they don’t have a great formula yet not difficult to master.

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