Kb Shimmer “Get Clover It”

IMG_8578There is something that is so uplifting about a beautiful spring day.  Today it was in the upper 40s (yes, I know its not that warm, but warmer than it has been), and cloudy, but the nip in the air that has been around since November was gone! So my walk home from work was actually enjoyable for a change. I figured I would blog about a polish that was equally uplifting as the weather.

IMG_8581Kb Shimmer “Get Clover It” is an emerald jelly base with green microglitter and different colored circle glitter! There is green, gold and blue circle glitter in there, which make for the coolest combination on the nails! The color combo is just gorgeous! I love green jelly polishes but mixed with a ton of circle glitter, I basically died and went to green polish heaven.

IMG_8579The formula on this polish was good.  The polish is a little bit sheer, requiring 3 coats to reach full opacity on the nail. In this case, I don’t think its a bad thing because it creates a ton of depth on the nail. But be prepared to be painting for a while unless you layer it over another color.  One thing I love is that all the circle glitters lay flat on the nail and it dries pretty glossy by itself.  The dry time was average but I don’t really care because this polish is pure green perfection for me!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite green polishes?

17 thoughts on “Kb Shimmer “Get Clover It”

  1. That polish is to die for! I’m not even into green polishes but this one is different. Stop it Holly! I’m just starting a normal polish collection. Add the indies and I am in big trouble !!!!

    • awww thanks! haha and i know that feeling, i look at other polish blogs and find out about all these new indie brands that i need to try. i was just on thepolishaholic.com and went straight to the seller and put it in my cart. i’m at check out right now and its taking all my will power not to buy more polish!

  2. I wish I had a good kelly green that I really loved. Right now I’m wearing Walker Bait, which is kind of a grayed-out green holo – I do love it though. I do have ModLacquer Chupacabra, which is bright green glitter in a black jelly base, so I imagine it’ll look pretty bright on the nail. (But I only have a teeny mini of it so I’m saving that for this weekend!)

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