Rescue Beauty Lounge “Piu Mosso”

IMG_8346I spoke too soon! In yesterday’s blog post I was raving about nice the weather was and how I was able to walk around outside.  Fast forward just 18 hours later, its a white out blizzard! The snow was so bad that it took me an hour and a half to get to my moms house.  We then had to dig spend an hour shoveling for me to get in her driveway and getting access to her truck.  Classes are cancelled all over the city, of course except for mine! Winter just can’t end fast enough.

In honor of yet another dark and snowy, blizzard-y night, I’m going to blog about a dark and winter-y polish!

IMG_8348Rescue Beauty Lounge “Piu Mosso” is a dark navy creme with a copper shimmer.  I was immediately drawn to this color combo when I saw swatches online and didn’t hesitate to snatch it up back in November when Rescue Beauty Lounge was half off.  I have to say, I’m a little disappointed that the copper shimmer doesn’t show up on the nail that much (it does in some extreme lights), as that was the main reason I wanted this polish.  It is still a gorgeous dark dark navy with a slight grey tone.

IMG_8347While I was disappointed that I could see that gorgeous copper shimmer, I am not disappointed with the formula on this polish! I can only think of one word to describe this … PERFECTION.  This is just 1 coat. Yep, 1 coat and its that dark and inky! It wasn’t thick at all and basically applied itself to the nail.  It dried fast and evened out nicely on the nail.  No complaints whatsoever on the formula! Now I just wish I could say the same about Mother Nature.

What do you guys think? How are you surviving this cold and long winter (bring on any Game of Thrones reference)!

7 thoughts on “Rescue Beauty Lounge “Piu Mosso”

  1. Oooo this is winter in a bottle – on the one hand I like the subtlety of the copper on the other… I want to see more. Gorgeous blue tone though and pleased to hear the application is good although with the price tag it has, I would have to hope it was drop dead amazing!

  2. I have this & agree. I have several RBLs & that’s typical, shimmer doesn’t show up on the nails. Good polish, but probably wouldn’t buy RBL again. Too expensive to be disappointed.

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